Thursday, January 27, 2011

a journey of sorts. heh. :]

ya know, winter is the best time to do things different.
spice it up.
make some changes that you...can control. heh. ;)
september 14, reddish highlights. 
november 1, 2010. outside lowe's, waiting on some family members to come out so we can go home. yeah, i remember that much. the reddish highlights are way faded by the time of this picture.
november 9, dark hair try-out #1.
yeah, i guess i should explain the look rachel's going for here: grammy's's all i can say. she's an odd bird. and i live with her. imagine that. but, ya know, i love my sisters. :)
december 10....i'd have to go back in my journals to see if i wrote this one down.
it looks kinda highlight-y. hmmmm. what's more, however i chose to edit this picture was kind of odd....not my normal settings at all....
december 17. seriously. looks a world different from the one before this. straaaange.
december 26 2010. have the honor of witnessing me covered in the dye. yippee.
this time, a medium-light brown with a hint of red to it.
here's another shot (at jen and craig's wedding) with that shade of reddish-brown. i quite liked that color:)
january 14, i dyed it dark. dark dark.
the dye photos for this are horrendous. therefore....uh yeah. heh:) i shall spare you, aren't you excited! ;)

there are small parts i miss about being blonde.
does that make sense?
well, i miss the highlights. ^^
too bad i can't remember which hair dye job this was....or was it my normal? no. i think not. this particular photo dates back to december 1. ah. this would be the 1st brunette try, faded quite a bit. i quite like the shade it was here...hmm.

p.s. after i dyed it dark on the 14th of this month, i put in some layers using this video as my inspiration/technique. last time i had my hair cut by miss joann, i wanted something different, so she did a blunt cut hacking off about 4 inches, and some longer-type bangs. all of which i wanted. by january, heck yeah, i was totally wanting some layers. so...i did it. of course with the scape goat of going back to miss joann to fix it if it turned out ill. heh;) but i loved how it turned out.

so. what a fascinating post.
i'm about done. it's 10:57pm and i need to go steam myself.
and...what does steam myself mean?
it means i put a few cups of near-boiling water in a huge stainless steel bowl, put a few drops of this awesome multi-purpose essential oil blend in, drape a towel over my head, and breathe deep for a few really really long moments. :)
it's been helping get rid of this cough/infection thingy.
i just started doing it today; did it two times today. now for a third. and after that....sleep.


Anonymous said...

How fun is coloring your hair?!? I love it!
Haven't done it in awhile.. I usually go with something auburn.
Such cute pictures too, but I have to tell you, my fav was the one of you with the dye in. You look gorgeous!! haha maybe it's just the different look with your hair pulled up and back.. and the pretty smile =)

chambanachik said...


CourtneyKeb said...

I love it dark, although the red highlights were really pretty too.

Sara said...

Love it! I think I like it best dark - it makes your pretty smile just a little brighter!

Wish I had the guts to color my hair so often. I've turned my hair orange one too many times to be totally fearless.

Christina said...

Hair coloring is fun. I used to do it more often. When I was a teenager and then in early 20's I dyed my hair all the time. I had thick blonde streaks. I had it completely black for a couple years. I had put bright pink/red in it once too. I have never been fully blond, I know it would not look good on me! I have almost black eyebrows. Now I am too lazy to dye it. :P I dyed it a slightly darker brown than my natural color before our cruise last fall, but it faded fast.

charla beth :) said...

i love that you blogged about this, hair-dying is quite the adventure in itself!

the first and second pictures are my favorite! especially the second one, i think you look gorgeous :)

ladaisi said...

I tagged you!

See link below for the rules.

Ladaisi Blog: a meme

ladaisi said...

By the way, this post could've been about me. I have a thing for dying my hair. Whenever I feel like I need some serious change but it's out of my grasp . . .I go to WalMart and buy a box of hair dye. Could have worse habits. ;)

Bethany said...

Oh, hair is definitely a journey. No matter what color I dye mine, it always fades back to the same shade, so I haven't dyed it in awhile (uh, over a year? gulp)... but I'm feeling that itch for something new. My favorite is the first picture, btw -- your hair in it makes me think of a cinnamon bun, and red highlights are ALWAYS delicious.