Thursday, April 8, 2010

my cinema day.

Today? Rain, snow, a little bit of hail.
What a day. :)
When will the season make up its mind? Psh, we just get used to it up here in the Midwest. It's normal. --To experience all four seasons, literally, in a week (or sometimes less).
But today, was a good day:)
Lyddie and I went for a walk.
And I just charged my camera batteries this morning. (they were so dead. really dead. i'm talking so-sad-they're-dead-dead kind of dead.)
She started to get a wee bit annoyed at how many times I kept pulling my camera out . . . even with overcast, there was just so much potential, I couldn't help myself. :)
So . . . here's my day, with a cinema filter on it. Not that it's worthy of cinema; haha, it's probably far from being anything but a quirky, somewhat-peaceful-somewhat-not film. Oh, goodness. It makes me laugh just thinking about it that way.
Here it is: all in about an hour or two . . . and these are just the best ones, the ones I played with, the ones really inspired --that I like. :)
Bolivian Blend from Trader Joe's. Before the dribble of milk. And that's Lyd's cup--yellow's her favorite color. I think it looks gorgeous with coffee in it. :)
Lyd, picking violets. I love violets. And I love what comes with them, what violets come with: Spring. :)
[Yep. There's the violets. And my hand.]
Nope, I'm not the least bit obsessed with the fingerless gloves my good friend Paige T. gave me for my birthday. Nah. heheh. I looooove them. And it was really out today; obviously, because it was misting snow when we left for the library. Yes, that's Lyd, waiting for me in the background. I love this picture.
Yep. Me and Lyd. :) Pecan brew-of-the-day with a lil-bit-too-much half-and-half and a packet of sugar-in-the-raw. Heh heh. On our way home. We're silly. :)
Alright, I admit it. I'm obsessed. This is so going as my wallpaper. :)
Hope y'all have a lovely evening; I've got places to go and people to see tonight!
Soon, I plan to catch up on some earlier posts of some of your blogs:)
And thanks to the lovely new followers! Yes, I'm fully aware Blogger has us making ourselves sound like sheep that are lost and finally have found something to follow . . .
Anyways. Thank you much for reading! Hope you enjoy. ;)
Until tomorrow. *tips hat*


Ash the Dreamer said...

Hey, Beka! Thanks for your soooo kind comment on my "experiment" blog, haha. I actually really don't like the story at all anymore... it's something that sounded sorta creative, but now that I actually think about it--I would hate writing a tween novel, and that's what it would be. Ugh. lol.

I love all your violet pictures, too! I adore violets--they're actually my favorite flower! :) It helps that I am obsessed about purple, too, lol. :)

Have a good day! :)

Kade said...

you uh... really like coffee, huh?


heather said...

haha...yes Bekah dear might like coffee just a wee bit. lol I love violets...might be why purple is my favorite color. So glad you found your gloves too. ;)

Farmgirl Paints said...

You are just too cute. Great pics:)

heart like mine said...

ha, you are a doll. :) that yellow coffee mug is absolutely the sweetest.

and i love that picture too; that one where lyd is standing in the background waiting for you. :)

and your statement about how violets bring spring? agh, PERFECTION.

what a lovely little day.