Sunday, April 4, 2010

ahh, yes. morning. and tea in the afternoon.

(For some reason the garage lamp looks green here. It's really not.:)
Yes, the slightly grid-looking ones are shot through a screen.
They were taken around . . . well, the time of dawn. 6:30ish, I'd say? I'm not a pro on dawn, y'know. Excuse my . . . un-educatedness on the matter.
But oh well. You can't do everything in life perfectly.
I seem to have had lovely Grammy moments the past few times I've blogged.
Well. What do we have here. :}
I set my tea down on the Easy Elegance book by Atlanta Bartlett.

“Is that lid on tight?” Grammy asks, sipping from her water.
“Okay. I just don’t want you swimming,” she says with raised eyebrows.
Seriously, have you ever heard of a more considerate person?
Oh, the moments we have. Plenty of bad and/or grumpy ones, but hey. Here's a good one. ;)
You know what to do on an afternoon like this? First, you wash the dishes while the kettle heats up some water.
Then you make yourself some green tea and drizzle in your newly filled honey bear. ;)
That's what you do on a day like this.
Back to cleaning the kitchen, I go.
Sorry I wasn't more clever today... Maybe another time. Ha.

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