Thursday, March 24, 2011

artistic endeavors: butterfly.

i had three or four cups of coffee this morning, but right now i wish i had a nap.

going to bed at 1:30 after an hour of winding down while reading a new library book by the lovely siri mitchell . . .

waking up before 8, in the kitchen all morning prepping for 6 meals worth, putting together 4, (complicated matter) and later, walking a lot at the large retreat/conference center building this afternoon . . . whoa. yeah. fun stuff. and not as boring/tiring/dragging as i remember the past 12 years being. :) could be i'm more focused and get 'er done than other years.
which is good. heh.
so here goes canvas time.
for the record, that flavor syrup was got at an awesome sale price plus a coupon...yeah...and i don't even like flavor syrup in a normal everyday coffee/milk thang. i made the little sisters drink what i couldn't stomach.  they loved it.
rachel's zinnias are growing. this is a bigger pot than last time:) i love how they grow at a slant, towards the sunshine.
these awesome peppers i diced up for a lentil dish. :) they're different from the peppers we get all the time; shorter, more rumpled. pretty cute.
yes, i just called a vegetable cute.
i want to start out with this: that dog was awesome. riding in the passenger seat like pro, and waiting for his lady to come back. secondly, i don't always creep with my so-gonna-post-this blog-person curiosity. i don't always take pictures of the contents of people's suv's in the wally-world parking lot. promise.
let's just say that this was my late lunch after ignoring food while i prepped and cooked it earlier. this italian place on the way home from the retreat center has awesome spinach lasagna. ahhhhh. mom and i shared on the road. heh:)
. . . if i had decaf in the house, i'd so be brewing a bit right now.
this was january 22 of this year. we are very nearly caught up!
this one propped itself unattended for more than a month before any serious inspiration hit me.
and then you know what?
when you're getting back into inspiration of any kind, sometimes you need to break out and into that by doing something a bit crazy.
a bit different.

march 3rd i picked up the paintbrushes again.
daylight . . .
house beautiful does it every time. that right page? :)
all i can do is smile.
and wish.
that, my dear, is a vegetarian taco. it's amazing.
yes...blocks of color.
but personally, i think it turned out less random than i first envisioned.
it started turning to dusk outside.
light=kaput. i love natural light. a lot. it was tragic when the sun set.
it always is, when i'm painting.
. . . lovely song i'm listening to.
two days later.

click on this to see the quotes larger.
updated day of my guest post at mrs. s.' blog: april 7:)
and something i saw over at amanda's blog. i liked it a lot.
and a song by safetysuit that a friend shared... beautiful. irresistible to push repeat.
goodnight. :)
hey! recipes from life... coming to the blog soon!!! ;)


Dandy said...

OK just the fact that you have this song by the weepies on your site makes me love you instantly!

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

I think everytime I see your work that it's my favorite piece ever. Well, here we go again! THAT is my favorite piece ever! And it's 8 in the AM and I'm craving tacos and lasagna. Thanks! haha!

Christina said...

That butterfly is beautiful! Really cool painting.I think the e.e. cummings quote is my favorite from all of them, but hard to pick a favorite.

I like the Things I'm Thankful for print!

charla beth said...

your sister's little plant is so cute. i love your observation that they are all tilting toward the sunshine. i'm not sure i would've noticed that, but it got me thinking about all kinds of spiritual metaphors. neat how something so simple can do that.

that dog is so freakin cute! i love that you posted a picture of him.

and that butterfly piece is soooo very beautiful. your pieces are always so unique; i love that.

chambanachik said...

So pretty. Love the canvas.

Very excited about reading your guest post!