Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a thrift store ramble.

i'm going to write about the thrift/junk shop we went into on saturday; mom, anna and i.
i have pictures.
{because i'm a blogger,} i take the liberty of keeping my nikon around my neck. it's the most awesome necklace. gets heavy, but it's worth it. 

one last thing i have to say is, if anyone takes me shopping, they need to make sure i've had an espresso-laden drink first. i get so sleepy when we're walking around in stores, especially kohls, for more than 10 minutes... if you want good company, you need an awake person. i get tired and grumpy. but with espresso? i'm a brand new person. sadly, the espresso started to wear off near the end there. i take an ax to anybody's indecisiveness in the most effective way possible. i'm just so good at it. hah.
so, yeah, that was my long word of warning. :)
i said toodles to my reflection before we stepped into the madhouse.
as i cue you to play a game of find beka [reminisce to find waldo;] . . . let me just say that i posted my first canvas in my etsy shop.
i. am. psyched.
it's one i haven't posted on here yet. :) an e.e. cummings quote! and the design was from my head. thanking God i can branch out from just inspiration by rodney white and all that. hah.

i almost got hives stepping in this place, but they seemed to have some good deals; dvd's in great condition for under $5...a set of the LOTR books, hardcover and in their series box, for $20. ocd tendencies were striving beneath the surface. like a match beneath a down-turned bottle.
one of the freakiest parts of that place.
talk about...junk pile? the shades of color those rugs are in weren't even that attractive.
one of the best places in that store. 3 of my favorite films. :)
tea cups. i like tea cups. don't own any... yet... but i like 'em.
totally had me thinking of lisa samson's retired cuppa shop. sniff sniff.
the place i didn't get to visit. it lived and died before i got to set foot inside the door. 
another one of my favorite places in that shop.
good ol' vintage stuff...and oh, look there! johnny dear!
put coffee on the same shelf, and you've got a wonderful picture.
just like heaven. one of the movies we bought:) it's a darling one. 
arranged. one of anna's favorites... sadly, i've yet to see anything but the ending. i need to remedy that. it's very recommended.
uh yeah. more, more, more. mostly junk. that's what i saw. classical music for people who hate classical music? i saw a book with cassette tapes in it by that title.
alrighty..... i know you all are dying to run to your hair-do-er to get this done to you.
yeah. it used to be cool, didn't it? or is it still? because if i'm going for a not-so-normal-flat look, i want all over waves or curls. if that be the case.
before i took the picture, i stared at it (mom and anna were dealing with the old man who runs the place) and noticed the formation of her hair and how it was cut, and the curls....and then i smiled. i thought of you guys. er, ladies. whoever you are reading this in the next 24 hours or 24 days.

just writing that last sentence made me think of the really good movie the last three days.
it's just the hugest bonus ever that russell crowe is in it... ya know?
is anyone else with me?
wow. this song. i love her voice. 
just listening to kim's rendition of how he loves.
i'm going to put my head on my pillow before midnight.
i hope. unless someone, a certain sister, stops me along the way to talk for a bit...

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chambanachik said...

This is why I read your blog...posts exactly like this. :) Perfect.

I adore tea cups, but then, I adore tea. I have a few from England that my mom gave me. :)

And that lady's hair is...wowza. We should have a blog linkup where we all style our hair like that.