Friday, July 15, 2011

it was about time for another house post.

decor stuff, that is.
floor cushions.
suzani curtain.
lyrical curtain.
dupioni curtain.
rex ray art.
composition art.
boulevard art.

venetian 1 art.
venetian 2 art.

i don't know what it is about them, but for some reason i could find myself spending 20 minutes in the curtain section of the world market site.

heck, in the paper-edition-in-my-hands jcpenny catalogue, too.

white stacking.
and serving bowls? don't even get me started.
am i the only one who sees salsa in this bowl when i look at it?

and honey crisp apples in this one.

maybe chicken curry in this, with naan bread on the side.

blue soup crock.
um. i see apples, with their skin still on, floating in apple cider with cinnamon and butter and brown sugar.

unique floor lamps.

and these rugs.
ohhh beautiful.


how providential, to have this post i worked on last night, and now getting to post it all ready-made, because heck, i'm been cleaning and organizing and listening to music to mention the BLT pasta salad, the hamburgers, the cold brew coffee i've worked on in the past several hours inbetween the above.
oh! and the cheesecake heather is bringing. ♥ let us pause while i sing the praises of dear friends who bring delicious things. :)
if i ever had doubts when i was younger that i'd never be able to put together a whole meal, eh, i've proved my fears and doubts ridiculous. :P
and tonight, coming around 5, heath and steph and a few others are coming over.
deep breath in.
deep breath out.
a photoshoot is also planned, so tonight is going to be good.
very.very.very good.
i bid you a beautiful friday.
i'm tired of being on my feet.


Natalie said...

hmm... somebody's obviously in a curtain mood =D Have you seen the stackable coffee mugs from World Market? I love those!

Whitney said...

Ha you're so funny. I love curtains too. Curtains always change the entire look of a room! Those prints are awesome, and the rugs too! Goodness. *drooling*

chambanachik said...

Very exotic! Love your newest music additions, btw.

Christina said...

I LOVE the first curtain panel you posted. I really need to go to a World Market again! I have been once in Hoover, Alabama while visiting up there. There aren't any closer than 2 hours away from here! boo.

charla beth said...

i love all those bowls and what you imagine seeing in them. :)

adore this post. so lovely <3

hope you had an amazing dinner and photoshoot!