Sunday, November 28, 2010

artistic endeavors: dark red random.

First of all, this was August 24.
Holy. Freaking. Crap.
So weird--time has plain old flown out the window! I swear it has!!!
And oh, look, I have long...layered....blonde hair.
Things change.
Change is good.
I was reading that book. I had won it in a giveaway by Abbie dear.
See here, I was having tons of fun with it.
I actually was having a hard time trying to decide whether to make it one color or leave it super random. 
Then I decided.
Ah yes.
Decisions are good.
Then the 25th passed by in a wonderful little road trip with Anna and the kids she nannies....
Then the 27th with Caribou coffee that I bought on the road trip.....
And Tenth Avenue North lyrics....
And then, on the 28th, I finally got around to taking pictures of the finished painting.
Mind you, I finished painting the canvas on the 23rd. But for some reason or other, I didn't do a photoshoot of it until 5 days later.
My bad.
Oh, looky! I was painting something else on that day, too!
Yes. It's just that cool that it features dimensional paint. Heh.
^^Totally finished. I ran a brush through the white paint....and used the clear kind of rubber stamps to do the word. Awesomeness. hehehe.
That's all for this one!
One down......tons more to go. :) I'm off to finish cleaning the kitchen.....then, probably read a bit of Secrets before I sleep. Wonderfee.


Chana said...

My how I've missed your beautiful blog and art. I seriously feel so relaxed after I leave your page!

ladaisi said...

I love your blog posts. They are so creative!

Beautiful painting - there's nothing like slinging paint! I love the roadtrip photos with coffee (because I'm a big fan of the coffee). My brother actually knows the guys from Tenth Avenue North - they are an inspiring band!

Keep posting! And happy holidays!

- Lauren