Wednesday, November 3, 2010

you never know what you're gonna get.

After I finished going through a day in this Bible study....
I pondered a new canvas I shall do sometime.
And then I read some blogs.
Like this one by Mama Kat, which made me laugh, but the commenting got out of whack. I posted 3 flipping times in a row. I was trying to reply to someone's comment. :P
Might make you laugh, or get you offended and hackles rising.
Don't say I didn't warn you:)
How about this random one by Tucker & Swiss??
Hahahha, that is so great.
Seems like an awesome canvas...
But it is funny. :)
And this one by Alisha at Dell.icious. I love that side glance she caught her little guy doing:)
Cutesy, newlywed-like (i forgot when they got married??) I love you to the moon?? Yep. I love her thankful post. Sweetness.

And ohhhhmyword, I love the architecture (ha, and graveyard) in this post by Amy @ Lucky Number13.
Yesterday, I made chocolate pudding. Yes, that famous recipe by Smitten Kitchen. Love her!!
This is just the sucanat, cornstarch, and salt.

It was such a sunny, glowy afternoon.
Lovely spiderwebs.... I didn't see the spider.

And I had tea.
And, since I couldn't resist, this was one of Bonnie Grove's statuses so far today:
It's Wednesday! (That's day three for your NaNo-ites). And this just in: It's NOVEMBER. *faint*
[Bonnie Grove]
I have her book Talking To The Dead, have read it 2 times.

She's one of the most clever and ironical ladies I know. :)

P.S. --Oh, and this place I just found randomly: Chaviagraphy. Loooove it. Not all smiles, but real and wonderfee.

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Abbie said...

I've been meaning to try Smitten Kitchen's chocolate pudding for a while now! How was it??

Hmm, Bonnie Grove... I'm going to have to read her book. Clever and ironical, I love!

I'll be honest, after reading Mama Kat's post... I'm a passionate political person, and a rabid voter ever since I turned 18, but I came close to not voting this year. Not because of the candidates, but because my own little life almost got too busy on that random Tuesday. But my dad dragged me down to the fire department anyway, and I'm thankful :) I feel like, if I have the right, I should exercise it. Otherwise I have no right to complain :(
BUT... people feel tons of different ways on the topic, and its always interesting to read different idees.

Eek, sorry for the book-of-a-comment (again!)

- Abbie