Saturday, November 6, 2010

artistic endeavors: narnia books.

You would not believe how backed-up I am on posting canvases.
Obviously, that day, July 27, I was on a Jamie kick.
Had to be, considering the command that Steph and I had to make something we'd never made before.
Jamie's cookbooks are the only cookbooks I own.
I wanted to make that.
But it had mascarpone cheese in it, and we didn't have that in the house that day.
A few times a year, we make tiramisu. That's what mascarpone comes in handy for.
The bad thing is, right now at 6:40pm on Friday night, my stomach is growling.
We have late dinners. I know some people who eat at 4:30 or 5.....we have dinner anywhere around 7-8:30ish at night. Dad's schedule is different a lot of the time, depending on if it's fieldwork season or what.
It's just something we're used to. :)
But I am hungry right now.
Credit goes to Anna's awesome snatch-off-ebay-or-amazon, I forget which.
And her funky teacup, also. :)
Then I was searching for a dessert I'd never made.....which is easy, of course, because I haven't exactly spent my days testing recipes for desserts. Heh. But to find one that looked simple enough not to flunk. One that had ingredients I had in the house already. One that.....yeah. My stipulations stop there, methinks. :)
Yeah, I thought that looked good. ;)
The set. ^^

I went on to make this raspberry gratin. That was so good..... :) I mean, of course it was. It had brown sugar in it. ;)
A good break, dontcha think?? Heh heh.

Yes. Mmmmm. Good coffee:)
Well, it's 9:36am....I'm watching Emma --the Gwyneth Paltrow version-- with Rach.
Mom set off at 7:40 with Anna and Lyd to meet halfway with some friends....Anna's going to be staying with them for a week. The ones with the new baby, Charlie. :) It's going to be so weird not having the older sister in physical form. For a whole week.
I've always been the 3rd born, I've always had 2 older siblings...they've just always there...and I've had 3 younger siblings for a decade this month. In no way could I ever be The Eldest Sister like Anna is. So it's strange being, being that physically but not emotionally. I didn't grow up being The Eldest Sister. (now, I'm not making excuses for my *ahem* not-quite-over-achiever ways like TES....don't get me wrong...I'm just saying.)
Of course, there's phone calls. ....I miss her already.
Though....I don't know. Probably by the beginning of this next week I'll be settled into the work of things and won't notice her absence that much. I'm so excited for her--so happy she could have this time. See, she's taking online classes and studying to be a doula. They're awesome, doula's are. :) As birth support, she encourages the mother [and father] to make informed decisions, she's the advocate, the supporter, she's..... yeah. She's wonderful. And, this week with the friends up north will count as post-partum care, which counts for something on paper for her studying. :) Which is pretty exciting because it works for getting her a bit more down the road of this class for certification.
Okie's over. My rant-ish doting paragraph all about my dear sister:)
Here's the finished product. :) Anna quite liked it.
Coffee brewing: check. Breakfast: check. Watching [the Gwyneth Paltrow version of] Emma with Rach: check. Chocolate: needed. Anna: gone for a week. How weird is that???? I misses her. Even though I couldn't go to sleep after she woke me up at 7:15am on this wonderful, cloudy Saturday morning. ♥
(Oh, how green the trees look in the picture below!! vv ......Those days are gone for a while....)
Anyhow, I'm off to get warm and snuggled with a quilt.....and watch Mr. Knightley. Hehhe.. :)


Anonymous said...

It's always food and books with you. Haha.

Christina said...

That's a really nice painting! :) You know how I love anything to do with CS Lewis. :D

Oh, I had turned off word verification on my blog, but then I kept getting spam comments. :( So I had to turn it back on, boo! Sorry!