Monday, November 29, 2010

warning: may give you a case of baby fever.

Her name is Serenity:)
Tuesday, November the 23rd, we got to watch a little 3 month old for a lady we know from church.
She was such a sweetie pie. A quiet sweetie pie.  
She loved the bath.
You can imagine how lovely it was to have a wee little baby in the house.....Lyd, the youngest of our family, just turned 10 the other day. (boooohoooo) I remember when she was born. It snowed for the first time that night. 
Just not enough words for her cuteness.
And her littleness.
And her fuzzy, wavy brown hair.
And her solemn eyes.
And the way she started falling asleep 30 seconds into lunch.
Talk about darling. Though supposedly she had a rough night the day before....hardly sleeping at all, so of course we get the angelic day.... hehe:)
Heart-melting is more like it.
There was plenty of taking turns.....ya have to call your turn around here. First dibs are first dibs.
Sweeeepy wittle one.....

I thought we could all benefit from a break in the baby pictures.
This is just to show you how seriously pale I am. Through every.single.season. Okay, so maybe I get a sun-kissed blush and a few freckles in the summer, but this is me. sigh. This picture was not taken with flash, by the way. Heheh. I practically glow.

I got very adept at taking self portraits with Mom's Canon Rebel xTi-something or other.
Had Lyd try her hand at photography. Then messed with it to make this:
That is all for today.
Now that I've finished a post on what should be my professional job--torturing people, yes?--I shall bid thee adieu.


Cristina said...

oh my goodness, that baby girl is heavenly. I love the last couple of photos. So beautiful :)

Mz Clean Freak said...

she is an Adorable baby girl! *smile* I am new to your blog & now a new follower.
come by Anytime..

{Amy} said...

ahhh.... so sweet. love me some tiny babies! and pale, beka? maybe a little... but absolutely beautiful! : )

Oh Mandie said...

oh look at those cheeks!

Christina said...

Awwww :)
I got to hold friends' newborn baby recently and she was sooo cute.