Tuesday, November 2, 2010

wordless wednesday: coffee, minestrone & a 40's style apron.

This was Monday.

 ^^The minestrone. Everything imaginable in it. (just kidding..not quite everything....) And oh so yummy.
 I got to wash dishes after lunch wearing this cute apron. 
I tell ya, the perks you get sometimes for washing dishes at other people's houses! ;)
Washed 'em up with homemade soap in a spray bottle. Fun, fun! Just watch out for the white vinegar fumes... Thank God, they're not harmful besides nearly choking on them for lack of air and the strong odor that lasts for a few seconds:)

^^Danny and me, waiting for Ben to get out of that lovely place called Lowe's.... if only I were a millionaire.....and had a house....I would practically live there inbetween bouts of procrastination and tons of inspiring projects. 


April said...

That minestrone looks AMAZING! I was tempted to lick the computer in the hopes of getting a taste

CourtneyKeb said...

Loving that cute apron!!

Helena said...

Cute apron! You make dishes look adorable.

Seizing My Day said...

I want a cool apron!! Love the pic of you and Danny waiting... I heart Lowes... it is best to just NOT go in... ha ha! just read your last three posts... you crack me up... and take fun pictures... I like fun pictures... anyway...you funny... even if you are 19 and I am nearly 40... *sigh*