Tuesday, November 16, 2010

.....mark driscoll. and ma camera.

I love the different stuff Mark Driscoll talks about.
It's fascinating.
And I don't know many pastors who venture into subjects like he does.
Too bad he's based in Seattle. :]

Sometimes, I love to read things different than the things I normally encounter in books, movies, sermons, friends... Everyone's different experiences are so vast...
There's so much we can learn from new people in our life.
Honesty. I love honesty --and sincerity-- in people.
What other people see from their perspective of Christianity and other beliefs. Whether they personally believe _______ as true, truth, or not.
Parenting and discipline can be fascinating to read about. Just saying.
And the questions and wonderings we have sometimes.
Okay, I'm going to stop now with all the links. :)

In other news, I'm looking at the Nikon D40 to purchase sometime....my family doesn't trust ebay for electronics and stuff like that, so that way is out the window. There's a camera store a while away that we might visit soon.... my camera is completely kaput, so I want/need one asap. On the double.
Anyhow, the D40 looks like a nice one to go with:)

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Christina said...

I like reading various views too. :) Thanks for those links!