Thursday, November 4, 2010

watercolors and onesies.

It's the first time in a long time.....
For me and watercolors.
I love its loverly way of making the look of parchment more real than I can work acrylics into.
Of course, I'm going to make y'all wait for that painting blog post.....
I have to catch up before I let you see the newest. Because I'm mean like that. :)
All I have to say is, I really like how it turned out. And ....well, it's on the smaller side.
And it's gorgeous out. But's getting cloudy at the moment; all this Fall windy weather.

And...a lovely friend just had a baby boy the other day. Charlie. I love that name. So classic. :)
So I painted the onesie Anna bought for them..... I think it's pretty darn awesome. ^^
I never minded calling You a King
If that meant that I could count on You
To give me everything
I never thought to ask You
I always thought You knew
It was never my intention to question You
You never minded calling me a child
Well, I guess that's how I acted all the while
But You live through every tantrum, You see through every lie
Though they seem to be more common
I just wanted You to know why oh why

Unforgetful You, unforgetful
Unforgetful You, so unforgetful

You never minded giving us the stars
Then showing us how blind and unaware of You we are
You painted me a picture and showed me how to see
Though I just won't behold it
Unless it pertains to me...

[Jars of Clay; Unforgetful You]


Oh Mandie said...

cutest onsie ever!

Mrs. C said...

yes, I agree, I love that onesie!

cristina said...

aw, cute onesie, and can't wait to see the new painting