Monday, November 29, 2010

artistic endeavors: for mrs. H:)

written: monday november 29 

[Shoot, I painted this at night, so there's only artificial light. Darnit. The colors just aren't the same...]
This was September 16.
It's just funny and horrible at the same time to quote the dates for these things.

^^And I dunno...that was kind of awesome having some red for as long as it lasted.... :D
A few of the library books on that day......
.......Me loves drips.
Oh dear.
That looks amazing right now. Classic coffee cake.......oh.em.gee.
Methinks it's time for dinner.
My sweet sister Anna....with whom I'm going to my first yoga class ever......tonight. And I don't even have any legit yoga pants, like her. Dangit. I guess I'll grace the world with my presence in some pj bottoms.
Can you say a.m.e.r.i.c.a.n.o??
I painted over that first shade because it was too gray. Too...bleh.

And what came of the second try was this lovely, airy, pale blue with the slight tone of gray.
.......signature on the bottom edge............
This was for Jen's mom, when Anna and I went down there in September. :) Wonderful times.
And that's that. :) I loved how it turned out. And so did she. :)

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Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I love the paint drips too! Loving how it turned out... and I want some coffee cake!

And, that baby below is so cute!