Monday, November 22, 2010

food blogs...

the girl who ate everything
flower patch farmgirl
if you give a girl a cookie
sleepy monk coffee
that last one is not for food. it's for imagination and my plans.
it's only 31 hours of driving away.
oh, and random--today Anna shopped at target while she was dropping danny's mom off at work.....
she got me one of these, so i wasn't too sore over not going.
i love target.
oh, and yet another random thing: [steoffrey language]
i just found these cute people bloghopping. looking on people's blog-love pages and clicking on cool looking buttons....

today i'm thankful for green tea.
any tea, really.
but since i woke up yesterday with a barely-there sore throat, i've been drinking tea and vitamins like nobody's business, today especially. and it hasn't gotten worse, thank God.
going to bed early again tonight. not doing 12 for a looooong time. :)
also, last night i made a brain-spazzy decision from a thoughtful thought and started rereading Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann. since i was 16 i've read the series 2 times...this'll be my third. it's been a while. i love her writing.
good monday night to ya:)


April said...

Ooooo, you can never read too many food blogs! Those are all great!

Sarah said...

I've been searching for some food blogs, so thank you times ten for posting this! Hope you're well & having a wonderful week!

Oh Mandie said...

yay Tablespoon is my favorite!!

Hope that all that tea is helping your throat to feel better :)