Thursday, November 11, 2010

you are my sunshine:)

There are some things you just have to do.
As  in... don't care what you look like on YouTube for an unlisted video, only for you all who see this. Haha.
As in... sing, on YouTube.
As in... let one of the kids totally jump on the bed.
As in... here's the boring prelude to the vid up above.
We were watching Penelope... and Max/Johnny had just sang You Are My Sunshine. So....I had this brilliant idea, since Sam and even Reese, were both singing it pretty loud and super cute, to make a video.
Wow, aren't you lucky.
I'm warning you. I'm weird. Okay??? Mmmkthanks. :) 
These are the kids Anna nannies, but since she's up north with a friend... I took over. :)
Of course, they're cute, pretty well behaved, and the paycheck is decent, so it's all wonderful.
Did I mention it's right next door? I hit the valley of tiredness around 1:30-2pm, and I called the brothers over to try to fix the t.v.... To no avail. I was really looking forward to watching some Baby Story or something on the cooking/style channel. Ah well. It was nice to have the lil childrens' focus diverted. Hah.
Plus, Reese was a total snot face today. Praying to God I don't catch anything. :P Taking precautions...Washing hands.... Staying positive...(LOL).... Taking vitamins.
I get to do it all again tomorrow! 8am-4pm. This is for the history books. ;)
Have a wonderful Thursday night!!              [Sam, me, and Reese.]

p.s. Isn't the music cute??? It's Meaghan Smith. Found her playing on my dear friend, Hanna's blog:)

p.p.s. I guess what that, hopefully, you laughed. I sure did....while rewatching it. Oh man....

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Mrs. C said...

adorable! And you're having fun and that's all that really matters :)