Thursday, November 25, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

Apparently, I wrote the stuff below on the 15th. The stuff of the title.
For some reason, I can't believe it was 10 days ago.
Well anyways, we had a lovely lunch/feast with Dad's family. A cousin in another state announced with her husband over speakerphone that they're pregnant, and another cousin came with her 5 week old boy who looks a lot more like her husband than in the pictures. Heh. Totally cute, though. Both of them. :)
Earlier we ordered a dress by Shabby Apple. Love them. To pieces. If only I had occasions to dress up for, and lots more money, they'd be my mainstay in shopping.....
Anyhow, they were having a special by the time we got around to it today, and since Jen is getting married January 1, oh heck why not get something special to wear to it?? :) la tour eiffel

written: November 15
A mug full of wonderful, freshly-brewed dark roast... hot enough to be wonderful, not to burn.
Mumford & Sons playing on my laptop's media player...I love their varied sound. Truly....varied. It's awesome. Lovely.
Organizing my tons of pictures from winter 2008 till now, so I can burn them onto CDs and keep them safe. {That task is finished! I am very glad.}
Warm zip-up sweater.
Did I mention the accents of Mumford & Sons? Yes...mhmmm:)

back to the present: 
I need more tea. Hope you all had a peaceful thanksgiving day! 

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