Friday, November 26, 2010

freaking out over fabric.

I think I pin-pointed my fears while watching a few of these upholstering vids on YT....
Mainly, I'm freaked out because the beautiful fabric I bought is 5 yards. In this case, $100.
And I love that fabric.
But I want to do it right.
And I don't want to run out of the stuff.
We've got enough padding and quilt batting and other crap like that in this whole house plus the special stuff I bought for the chair, so I'm not worried about running out of that.
See, I laid out all the old pieces of the chair on a sheet outside...and we measure how long, the width, etcetera, and then we even added more for allowance.
So....I just might be freaking out over nothing.
We'll have to wait....and see....but mostly wait for a spurt of amazing dare. And it'll all be okay in the end.............or so we hope. :) I just have to keep telling myself

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