Monday, November 15, 2010

awesome rice recipe, and the weekend:)

Oh. Em. Gee.
I am stuffed full for the second time today.
With really good food.
We don't normally do huge meals all 3 times a day. We like a simple eggs-and-toast breakfast or lunch sometimes. Or lentil stew on toast. Ya know, we likes our toast.
We're not all about the toast; those are just the few things that popped into my head first.
While Anna was away, she had a lovely time. Even got some new recipes, too.
Like the one we had for breakfast: millet-coconut pudding. It was really good...but I had too much. And I don't have the recipe for you, but I'm sure a simple case of Googling will show it up:)

Then, there's the food we just had for lunch.
Loved. It.
I wish I had taken a picture before I devoured it....but unfortunately, I was only thinking of my stomach.
^^Those are beans of some I don't know. Wasn't in the kitchen for that part. See the recipe below. You spread this on the tortilla first, then sprinkle cheese...
^^Then you put this on it... ohmyword, my favorite part. Mushrooms....yum:)
Mmmmmmmmmmmm. You can leave out the mushrooms if you're one who doesn't like them. 
These are the tortillas we used. So. Good. :)
So, you pile this up like a taco.

It works. And it's Over top of that bean stuff and rice mixture, you can put more cheese (if you're like me) ....oh, and maybe some salsa. And maybe even lettuce and guacamole. That's how Anna had it her first time.
^^The co-op food truck came today... Along with 2 bags of 2lb dark roast coffee beans. I poured some of this first bag into an empty Trader Joe's coffee canister.

Amazing Rice Tacos...
Saute 3 cups brown rice in about 2 TBSP olive oil, for about 10 minutes
Add 2 cups diced onions
3-6 cloves of crushed garlic
.....Saute that for a while.
Add 6 cups boiling broth (or water, or some of both) ...add salt.
Add shredded carrots, diced peppers, sliced mushrooms, (you won't hardly be able to tell they're in there!) and let that boil on medium, covered.
Aaaand that's where the written recipe ends.
You never know what the chefs do to something after that part ends.
So...just tweak it and add whatever you think sounds good.
I especially like the mushroom part. They were amazing in it.

Let's just show ya a few shots from the weekend trip we took to bring Anna back.
By about Tuesday, I'd grown used to her absence. 
It was so lovely to get to see the family and their 4 children. Friends of ours:) And baby Charlie, for whom this onesie I painted.

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
[Robert Louis Stevenson]

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