Thursday, November 18, 2010

broccoli-potato hot dish with onion crispies:)

This was almost like a less-healthy twist on the broccoli-potato curry.
Crazy. And this is a little less-easy, depending on if you use canned mushroom soup or make it from scratch like I did today. No pressure. ;)

Broccoli-potato hot dish with french fried onions
Cover a 9x13 pan with chopped broccoli
Top with bar-boiled potatoes, chopped
Chicken optional

3 cups of cream of mushroom soup
1/2 tsp curry (optional, you decide:)
1 cup mayo
...Mix and pour over broccoli and potatoes
Top with french fried onions
Bake @ 350 1 hr 15 minutes
Top with cheese for last 10 minutes of baking

Cream of mushroom soup:
1-2 lbs mushrooms sliced and sauteed
2 large onions add to mushrooms --saute together.
Add 1/2 cup flour, stirring till mixed
Add 4-8 cups broth, depending on how thick you want it.
Let cool slightly --blend half of it and pour back together.
Optional: tbsp fresh basil before blending. Oh well. It's past the time of fresh basil for us right now. :(

Just a note: I kinda rocked the lunch-making today.
Dad came home from the farm around 10, wanted to eat early and I had this on the table by 11:20.
Heck. Yes. Everything from scratch, too. I just had to shove everyone out of the kitchen.
Needless to say, it was prettymuch wonderful.
Just don't stuff yourself like I did. It was like Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving. And not mixing so many foods.
I had some lukewarm coffee and then napped from 12:20-12:40. Did my laundry, then ironed for a while.
And now I'm starving again.

I'm really settled on the idea of the Nikon D40. It's so pretty.
I can't wait to have a camera of my own, once again. I would've had more pictures of this recipe in the making if I did....Mom's camera only had enough room for me to take 3 pictures, darnit, and no one has permission to delete pics off her camera. No-no.
So, I was going through the "Links" posted on fb, and came across this pumpkin gooey butter recipe. Are you kidding me. I was starving the second I saw the pictures. Go look at it.
Ah!!! Just remembered.
This is another thing that totally rocks my socks off. . . .
(those socks, of course, are all imagination right now.)
We're going out to eat tonight:) Egg drop soup, orange chicken, etcetera, etcetera. Saturday was Lyd's 10th birthday, and tonight we're finally getting around to doing the birthday-dinner-eating-out tradition we do. dinner to make, or dishes to do tonight. :)


Christina said...

You find so many cool blogs and recipes!
That lunch you made looks scrumptious. Hope your Chinese food out was good! Yum.

LeAnna said...

MMM, this looks good. And doggone, the only cake mixes I have on hand are chocolate, or else I'd make that pumpkin one.