Wednesday, November 24, 2010

me in starbucks.

written around noontime
I'm at {busy busy} Starbucks.
With a tall caffe americano.
Mom, Anna, Rach and Lyd are in that place called Michael's.
I cannot stand that store when I don't have purpose and enough money.
So there. :)
This is wonderfee.

Just got home.
We went to Noodles & Co.
I had the Japanese noodle dish thingy.
My lips burned for a long time after I finished the stuff.
Sooo yum. :)

It's raining.
Just raining.
Makes me feel like curling up in a hoodie and these comfy jeans with a hot cup of tea.
{Since, ya know, I had my americano earlier. hehe}
Nearly fell asleep sitting up in the warm van, with Lyd's head in my lap. Her and Rach were lights-out for most of the trip back home.
I'm going to nap before getting ready for church tonight.
{5:30pm -scratch that. I'm staying home tonight. need: hot tea, no socialization with the outside world, and home.} 
Holy freaking crap, it's such a sleepy day!


Hanna said...

I wish we could go get coffee together. I could just imagine what a fantastic time we would have. Just like old times. :]

Samantha said...

I've been listening to your playlist all morning since I woke up an hour and a half ago, I'm thankful for it! :D

Hope that you've been feeling better! Tea is absolutely a wonder drug... without the drug part.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Anonymous said...

michaels is a painful and expensive addiction for me. :( lol