Tuesday, November 30, 2010

artistic endeavors: tolkien.

This was September 24.
Hey, at least we're getting closer to November!
Oh wait. Let's back up one day, just for this one picture......
Hmmm. I could leave this post just on that note, but gosh lemon-poppyseed bread sounds amazing right now.
Also: an americano with just a tad of half-&-half.
Why do I do this to myself? :)
Okay. On to the real stuff.
Squash: waiting to be baked for dinner. Peanut is my favorite of all time.
Hot. Just brewed. Dark roast.
............ :)
Mmmm. So fresh.
Bread, mayo (a tad bit; i don't like it that much) spinach, cheddar cheese, tomato from the garden (the best!) and bacon...
Oops, sorry. Lunch that day was so good I couldn't help but click for these to upload as well as the rest! ;) 
Ah yes.  
Looks like the house is quiet. I swear it was naptime when I took these. :)
Italian, Indian, not much Mexican food.......
Clean oven top....oh look at the time....
Crazy girl, Rachel is. I know, I know. I've heard of chocolate and bacon before this, but still.....ew...weird. And yes. I tried a tiny bite. Not my favorite thing ever. 

Mmmm cold coffee left from the morning brew...
Yes, it was a Friday.
Kitchen duty...  
Remember those days??? Now all the trees are barren. Sigh.
Aaaand here it is. :)
It's just too bad I don't have as many pictures as I normally do of the process....but this one is pretty simple.
It was on a whim, really.
In other news, Nathan's coming back from graduating tech school; (yay for a 15 hour drive, hah) it's kind of a weird concept to see a person one month out of 12. Talk about funky. But congrats/kudos to him, because he's doing something very technical and I've heard tech school can be very boring.  
Oh, and another thing--it's snowing!
The first snow of this winter. Sigh. Now there's no going back.
Happy Tuesday, dears:)

i. love. yoga.

Monday November 29
6:40ish p.m.
Yoga. Is. Amazing. 

It's raining tonight.
We started off at 5:20, and the class starts at 5:30.
"There better not be any guys there tonight." I told Anna this, because I left my hair up in the bun I've been wearing all day. Then it wouldn't get in my face and in my way, as Anna warned me.
There were 8-10 other people there. {there were only about 3 when Anna went for her first time last week.} And, well, there was one guy there--with his fiancee. And we were one of the last ones to arrive. Ah, well.
The room is large.
Arranged pleasing to the eye.
Pale wood floors stretch out the space and most likely glow when the sun is up. like in the picture above, taken from their site.
Deep breathing.
For an hour.
Some moves--like the balancing Warrior, that one was a killer.
There was one move that had you folded in half, hands touching your ankles, standing up. That made my feet numb-like and tingly.
Okay. I'm seriously starting to feel poetic. Er....eloquent.... er....creative-writingish. Writing mojo. Yoga gave it back to me for a moment there. Maybe this is a better idea than I thought... :)

I'm just trying to write some thoughts before I go down the the chaos of the main floor here at home.
I just got home from an hour of yoga with my sister, Anna. (check out my list of family and friends who are prominent in my life:)
My goodness.
I'm preparing myself for the rate of $12 per class.....can I pull that??
I absolutely loved it.
And the instructor lady was around 40, had dark hair, and a slight British accent.
Talk about lovely.
Ah, well.
I'm hungry and someone's vacuuming downstairs.
Life goes on.
It's those really lovely moments --at home or otherwise-- that you take in with a deep breath and cherish.
......The kitchen is a wreck, because the girls have taken a great interest in pasta making, and Caleb doesn't feel like doing dishes at all until later in the day......
........^^Light fixture the men put up today...... Ah, all the cleaning and organizing to do... hehe:)
Gosh, don't y'all feel so at home. Everyone has messes in their kitchen. Hah! I'll have you know, that by around 10pm, these counters were pretty darn beautiful. I was proud of Caleb. He made it spic-n-span. :)
So...I did, indeed, wear pajama bottoms to the yoga class. They happen to be ones Anna gave me for my birthday in February. [Don't judge; it's a hard life without your own camera.....um...I may have had to use my toe to press the clicker to take this picture with my webcam. hehe.]
Well, it's dinner time.
Pre-dinner salad. Don't do it all the time, but I ripped a ton of leaf lettuce earlier, so......
Lettuce, pecan bits, balsamic vinegar/olive oil/garlic dressing......

Monday, November 29, 2010

artistic endeavors: for mrs. H:)

written: monday november 29 

[Shoot, I painted this at night, so there's only artificial light. Darnit. The colors just aren't the same...]
This was September 16.
It's just funny and horrible at the same time to quote the dates for these things.

^^And I dunno...that was kind of awesome having some red for as long as it lasted.... :D
A few of the library books on that day......
.......Me loves drips.
Oh dear.
That looks amazing right now. Classic coffee cake.......oh.em.gee.
Methinks it's time for dinner.
My sweet sister Anna....with whom I'm going to my first yoga class ever......tonight. And I don't even have any legit yoga pants, like her. Dangit. I guess I'll grace the world with my presence in some pj bottoms.
Can you say a.m.e.r.i.c.a.n.o??
I painted over that first shade because it was too gray. Too...bleh.

And what came of the second try was this lovely, airy, pale blue with the slight tone of gray.
.......signature on the bottom edge............
This was for Jen's mom, when Anna and I went down there in September. :) Wonderful times.
And that's that. :) I loved how it turned out. And so did she. :)

warning: may give you a case of baby fever.

Her name is Serenity:)
Tuesday, November the 23rd, we got to watch a little 3 month old for a lady we know from church.
She was such a sweetie pie. A quiet sweetie pie.  
She loved the bath.
You can imagine how lovely it was to have a wee little baby in the house.....Lyd, the youngest of our family, just turned 10 the other day. (boooohoooo) I remember when she was born. It snowed for the first time that night. 
Just not enough words for her cuteness.
And her littleness.
And her fuzzy, wavy brown hair.
And her solemn eyes.
And the way she started falling asleep 30 seconds into lunch.
Talk about darling. Though supposedly she had a rough night the day before....hardly sleeping at all, so of course we get the angelic day.... hehe:)
Heart-melting is more like it.
There was plenty of taking turns.....ya have to call your turn around here. First dibs are first dibs.
Sweeeepy wittle one.....

I thought we could all benefit from a break in the baby pictures.
This is just to show you how seriously pale I am. Through every.single.season. Okay, so maybe I get a sun-kissed blush and a few freckles in the summer, but this is me. sigh. This picture was not taken with flash, by the way. Heheh. I practically glow.

I got very adept at taking self portraits with Mom's Canon Rebel xTi-something or other.
Had Lyd try her hand at photography. Then messed with it to make this:
That is all for today.
Now that I've finished a post on what should be my professional job--torturing people, yes?--I shall bid thee adieu.