Tuesday, May 25, 2010

artistic endeavors: experience...

Okay, I'm back. Like a day inbetween posts is a break, but heck it's been warm here. And I'm not going outside. I'm too much on the smart side to fall for the thought, if I go out for a couple minutes each day, I'll get a bit of color...a bit of a tan... Well, I'm beyond caring about ever tanning.
I'd burn if I went out. So I'll leave the swimming fun to the children for now, and try for it when it's not so muggy.
But I've been painting...and Ben's been on a roll. Sweet brother of mine. (sorry to get mushy, but he's just so darn talented and I loves him)
So I'll not bore you with further details of how not-fun the weather and my genes are. Because painting is much more exciting than all that other stuff.
This was Thursday, on the 20th of this month. Ahhh, that's the mug from Sarah. It's amazing and holds a lot of water. So that's what I did first of all that morning.
Then later, I filled it with the predictability of me.
So this was inspired by an already-existing print, too. But here's mine...almost done...
Lyd was sewing something on the machine, and you can see the vibrations...I didn't really mean to capture it, but it looks randomly cool:)
See how huge it is, that lovely mug? Ohhh yes. It's like half the size of my head. It's great. :)
I'm not sure you can tell I like that green chair:) 
This is before I made it a bit older-looking....not so perfect.
There it is:)
Not bad for a prototype. Heh. Not my favorite, personally...but hey. To each his own.
So that's all for this one. I've got like 2 or 3 more new ones to post on here...all in due time.
Meanwhile, look at all the canvases I've been priming--because as I said before, Bubby man is on a roll...and running out of the limited amount of canvas we had bought. :)
Today he was using up some of the last of the canvas...so therefore, cute little ones! I've got arrangements in mind for these ones:)
Excuse my painting mess. :)
Excuse the newspaper mess, too... These are the bigger ones he surprised me with yesterday. :) There's another one, bigger than these, too. 
See that thing? It's huge. In a store it would cost upwards of $14 buckos, but there's talent in the family, and it's not me who's getting charged that for the canvas that's worth it.Whoever buys this one, will want it. They'll have to. Hee hee. 
I'm also going to post a single picture of each of the paintings on this blog's page on FB...so go like this place, and check it out:)

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 

Praise the Lord, I vacuumed earlier while nearly everyone was out swimming or something, so that's over with...and I've got an order from dear Jen for a unique twist on this canvas. 
Softball game tonight for our church league, and I'm hoping to God He makes it cool off soon. Pleeeeeeaaase! :)


Chana said...

Remarkable job again Beka! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the "baby" guys you have:) Put some sunblock on and get outside girlfriend! Find a lake and some sand-stick your legs in! The water is warm in our lakes here and we are waaay north of you!

Yellow House said...

Love all the paintings! You are so talented!

Christopher And Tia said...

Seriously though, that mug really is half the size of your head.

The Paper Mama said...

How nice to have canvas made for you! I've always wanted to do that.

{Amy} said...

love this one Beka! great work. And you? You are just too cute! have a great day!

alita said...

I want a big mug! Like a bottomless mug would be more like it.

Jen said...

Thank you sweetheart, I'm so excited for it! The Lord has blessed you with a lovely eye for beauty--you're using for His glory.
This canvas is going to bless me so much, you haven't any idea.

heather said...

awesome paintings dear...can't wait for mine!! :)