Friday, May 14, 2010

no rain. can you say 'hallelujah'? :)

Okay. For the first time in days, this picture is real. As in, real time. This morning. A couple hours ago.
*sigh* The sun is back!
Praise be.
I'm a-thinking to do something quite random.
Now, whenever you have a free 3 seconds, take a picture of your coffee supply. Or whatever drink tea/juice/whatever you really like. Then post it. On one of those days you're just blahhhh, what to blog? (laughs) Or just whenever. Then link on here...I don't know why, but I'm hesitant to say that it's a photo challenge, 'kay? I'm just curious and random. :) That's my explanation. Because it seems everyone's starting photo challenges these days.
Well. That's all I have words for right now...there are dishes to be done, kitchens to clean, kombucha to be made, and Robin Hood (ahhhh, Russell Crowe! ;) to see tonight with Dad, Anna, and who knows who else. :)
And hey--does anyone have tips/advice to do one of those Linky things for this? Shoot me an email:) Thanks:) .....Or else people will just have to comment and leave their link for the post... Hmm...

Random lyric... 
It's You, oh, You covered my shame. You carried my burden, You healed my pain. And it's You oh, You lifted me up, You gave me a reason to sing. 
[You are my peace; Inhabited]
---Have a lovely Friday, everyone:)


Chana said...

Love the idea of the coffee post/linky thingie! Haha! Let me know how the movie is okay? The hubby is dying to see it, and I'd like to see something a little more "girlie" if ya know what I'm sayin' Haha!

Jennifer said...

Ooo, I'm hoping for a date night with my hubby to see Robin Hood!

beka said...

It was wonderful:) Love Russell Crowe. And Cate Blanchett. And they're so good together. :)

J.J. said...

Robin hood.....looking forward to that one.

I could just sit here and look at the coffee and listen to the music (song 1) relaxing.

Those lyrics reminded me of that Nicole Nordeman's 'Anyway' I love that song.

alita said...

Robin Hood is one of my favorite fairy tales of all time.

Oh and no more rain here, too. FINALLY!

Can I get an amen?!? ha...

Jana said...

Im catching up, your too darn cute for your own good.