Saturday, May 8, 2010

artistic endeavors: lyd's canvas:)

For Lyddie:)
Her favorite color is yellow, so obviously that was part of it...
Sorry I'm kinda wordless tonight; it's 8:31 pm, we got home from Heather and Steph's around 3:30ish I think, and you can imagine the sleepover didn't follow a curfew. Ay yi yi, no. We went over questions in that David study by Beth Moore, it took around 2 hours because we went on rabbit trails of all lengths; later we went out to their pop-up camper and watched a couple movies and ate Chex mix and Dad's homemade kettle corn, Cliff bars, drank coffee. Wow, we just love talking to the screen/actors sometimes...
Anyhow, they're finishing the movie Julie & Julia. Anna's convinced (jokingly) that they'll be making a movie out of me in about 5 years or so. She's stumped as to who they'll cast as her, but she thinks they'll cast this guy as Ben, 'cause he has the red hair, tall, slender, and yeah.
It's a joke.
A really good one:)
Okay, so purple and yellow are complimentary. And with the yellow being on the pale side, I think it looks kind of cute:) From a very objective angle, of course.
Alright. So this was Tuesday, May 4. We had Danny for the afternoon, and he wanted to go outside. He actually let me sit him on my lap so we could put his shoes on. The way he says shoes and outside and boys is adorable.
I wanna go outside and see Bubby.
Ben had gone on errands or something with Caleb... Danny was sad. Obviously. But I can't say I didn't bring out the lilacs for the picture I knew would come, because he'd get emotional...and it might make a cute picture.
Boo-hoo. Feel his emotion and misery here, that his Bubby wasn't there to be with. 
He was so sweet though, and we went back in and he played with some toys/duplos.
Almost done...yeah, there's not that many picture with this canvas, seeing as how it's quite simple.
Not . . . quite . . . done . . . yet.
A little bit of corners to get some detail and interest...she wanted something "more" on the edges, but I didn't want to go all whack because this is really a simple type of painting...
Hmm. Gotta love that old rocking chair. I always use it.
I really, really, really like that pale yellow.
Couldn't resist posting this one.
It's like...the perfect breakfast.
I love peaches. Frozen or fresh. And coffee. Which we drank enough of with Heather and Steph yesterday.
Hope y'all have a lovely Sunday, 'cause I've got some dishes to finish up. Then bed and I will be reunited. Heh heh.


Chana said...

Loving it! The colors compliment eachother perfectly! I love the pop of teal too:)

Kate said...

Gorgeous. Allie wants a canvas =)

You drink your coffee so DARK! My hubby always jokes that I need some coffee with my half & half.

The Paper Mama said...

So pretty! You create some very pretty things!

Rachel said...

I LOVE Julie & Julia!!! It's sooo cute!

Allison @ I heart Change said...

I like the canvas. Poor kiddo. No buddy... (aww.)

ladyfelicity said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! :) I love a lot of the Boundless articles. They're great!

The painting is so pretty - and makes me think of Starbucks and sunshine and sea. Nice!

Jennifer said...

Love it! I so wish I was talented and crafty. :)

Abbie said...

I regularly die over the adorableness of your paintings, I hope you know that.

And the little guy's shoe? Ahh!!!

Also, those peaches appear to be rolled in yummy, crystal-y sugar. YUM!

beka said...

Just so everyone knows, it's not sugar those peaches are rolled in:) It's frozen peaches, just wanted to clear that up.
Ever tried violets pressed in sugar, though? I tried it when I was 10. 'Twas good. ;)

LeAnna said...

The pale yellow is beautiful. My bedroom is painted such. Wondermous, delux. Love the splatter look you did on the canvas, veruh veruh cool!