Wednesday, May 19, 2010

caribou virgin.
Yesterday, we went to Caribou Coffee. I think I mentioned that in this post.
So we walked in, and Steph told me she’d never been to Caribou before… I told her she’d love it.
After all, since Heather got a bag of Caribou’s house blend or something like that, she has said that it’s a new favorite.
I quoted the bumper sticker that we saw at the CafĂ© de Arts coffee shop. Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks. Which, of course, means that you choose to support the lesser franchises or the little guys, better quality, etc, what have you.

I’m done with that little rant. Sorry.

Anna turned to Steph. “You’ve never been to Caribou?”
Steph: “Nope.” Quite sheepishly.
Anna: “Wow; you’re like…a…Caribou virgin!”
Alright. Here, you can guess that we were severely cracking up, those of us who heard Anna whisper that. I’m not sure anyone was focused on us enough to know anything other than the fact that 4 young women had come in and started laughing randomly.
So…that’s a comfort, I guess.
“Wow, Anna. ‘Caribou virgin’… that is really something.”
Anna smiled at me. “I know, isn’t it? I’m brilliant like that…”
So we took a deep breath and tried for a face of sanity when the lady at the counter asked us what we wanted.
I handed over this beauty, yes, I’ve taken some random photos of it, just to show you…and she filled ‘er up. As I’ve stated before, Heather and I were all sophisticated in our choice (like we normally are, haha) and Anna and Steph went all fru-fru on us…we had a good time jesting about that topic.
Spoken quietly to Heather, a few feet away from the still-waiting-for-their-fancy-shmancy-drinks girls: *sigh* “I have to say, after being further educated in coffee over the past 6 months, I kind of look down my nose at fancy drinks like that.” *shakes head*
We laughed, and the fru-fru buyers came over, wondering what it was about.
(Well, to make y’all fru-fru drinkers feel better, I’m drinking a cold mocha right now. I lowered my standards for a few moments. ;) I still love you all and my hands are shaking. Ha. Ha.)
Needless to say, Anna and Steph didn’t think it was too funny, or take it too well, but Heather and I assured them we still loved them.
We them proceeded to hit the sidewalks and walk into a few houses/stores. There’s one that is more open-spaced and bigger than the other, and I want that house. With a passion. I swear someday I’m going to buy it…
I’ve got to get ready for church, so I’ll sip the last of this chocolatey coffee drink and do a few more brushstrokes…yes, today I’m painting. I got inspired by something in that favorite house/shop. Did I mention that favorite house has an enclosed wrap-around porch on the front and half of the sides? Oh golly, I think I’m in love.
So….what defines a mocha for you? Please comment:)
Oh—last night I read Psalm 76, for the first time in a while reading something outside of the scheduled references in the David study… people may think kings are the greatest (or not so much) or maybe the kings might think they’re the top of the world (especially Saul, who is the main king person in the study as of now) but really? They need to have a healthy fear of God whatever station they/we may be in.
And it was lovely—I went to bed for the first time in a week before 12:30am. Ha.
I'll post about the holocaust museum and Grecian restaurant . . . soon. You're going to croak just seeing the pictures of the food, alright? So prepare yourself. ;)
Have a lovely night!
[The way I brew my coffee nowadays......:)]


Chana said...

I love Caribou Coffee! It's such a cute little place to sit and read. Glad you gals had fun...can't wait for the museum post:)

Yellow House said...

I tried Caribou Coffee when I was in South Dakota for a friend's wedding. It was great! But they don't have any CC in Seattle. Starbucks rules the world here. Maybe I can trick you into sending me some? :)

alita said...

Caribou is yummy. I wish we had one closer. Oh and I consider you a bloggy friend so I must confess...

I drink starbucks.


beka said...

Yes, I know many friends who drink Starbucks, and mainly it's just a joke (the above sentence referring to stopping the drinking of that brand) ...but I drink it, I just don't buy it. ;) It just happens that way...if it's given, I'll drink it. :D
So...I forgive all of you bloggy friends for drinking it;)

Isn't Drowning all we've earned? said...

Hiya Beka, Thought I'd stop by and comment, it's been a while. I love all of the pictures you always post on here. I've actually never had Caribou Coffee, but I heard it was divine. I'm a Starbucks girl, but you probably already knew that. =D

heather said...

haha...anna is brilliant like that, isn't she?? the little debate going here. I do love my caribou house blend that I can buy in the store now. So convenient. I'm a starbucks girl at heart though. :) Ya'll need to try the iced caramel macchiato w/shot of expresso. Amaaaazing. Okay done coffee rambling now. ;)