Tuesday, May 11, 2010

honda dirt bikes and domino games.

Hope all your Mondays were good:) I have to say, one of my favorite Mother's Day posts was this one, by Chana. And who can beat chocolate pie on a Monday? ;) 
Well, our Monday was pretty dandy. We went to Grandpa and Grandma T.'s house (Dad's parents) and I made bread dough to bring and make focaccia and pizza with. 
[This is the way I brewed a single cup of joe yesterday, while the yeast, warm water and sugar developed. :)]
Great-Uncle Eugene had made a wonderful marinara sauce that he added a few odd but delicious things too--like clams, and carrots. It was a little different, but oh, so good.
I went outside while Dad and the children had fun making pizzas of all sorts, and rode the Honda dirt bike that Ben and Caleb bought from a friend for a bargain...I have to say, it was pretty fun. But, before he let me ride it myself (I wasn't expecting to do so when I got out there) I sat in front of him and kept my feet on the short spokes of the front wheel, and we went around the house's large square of green property about 4 times. Yowzer. There are muscles in my thigh/hip area that I didn't know I had or ever used, aching with walking. Don't ya just love finding muscles that way? Golly. 

So he let me try it, and I forgot to put on the helmet, and got to go around maybe 3 times...he tried to show me how to switch gears, but all his kind, patient explaining flew over my head but heck, I went fast enough (around 15mph) for my first time on a dirt bike. :)
When I went back in, I tossed this into the oven made with extra dough:
It's dough rolled out, butter spread on in a moderate manner;), cinnamon and sugar dusted thickly over that. . . basically, cinnamon rolls studded with pecans. Not cut and turned on their side, though.
Then after eating to our hearts content, we sat down for a little game of chicken feet. Or some game called something with chicken in it. It was a domino game, 'kay?
You can guess who people are, can't you? Grandma T., Rachel and a little cousin...that's Caleb with the wide eyes, seated next to G-Uncle Eugene. And then the rest of us.
It was more fun than I though it was going to be, and after a while, I got the point of the ways you played the game...that always helps;)
Before the game, I was daring and brave and stepped up onto a counter stool thing; a slightly wobbly one at that. But I snapped this one...
Bottom left all the way up and around to the right...
Caleb, G-Uncle Eugene, Rachel, a small cute random cousin (we don't have too many young cousins, though a few are starting to have babies, yay!), Grandma T., another random cousin, Lyd, Grandpa T., Ben, Dad, and Anna.

Now onto tonight. Er, today.
Anna made this soup... 
[I made this collage big enough so you can click on it and read the most important parts of the recipe...if you want it;)]
Ugh, it was good. Even Caleb, the food critic who eats anyways but has his opinion spoken, liked it a lot. ;) Add chips on the side, and the mushed up avocado. Mmmm.
Okay, someone agree with me that that's a pretty cool little place-to-hang-out thingy...in the bottom right. It's a picture from the book New Classic Interiors by Alessandra Branca.
So glad we caught these today. Perfect timing--tomorrow night they'd probably by bad.
Okey-dokey. And we had this really simple apple-sauce cake. With cinnamon-sugar on top with nuts. And then I brewed some chai in my new thermos, which keeps my tea hot enough for quite a while, hot enough to burn my lips. :)
Bigelow chai tea bag, honey, and a good dribble of milk.
Do you like chair? How do you take it?
Ha, and have you ever brewed your coffee like the above picture? ;)
What games do you play with your family?
Have a lovely night! Ah, there's nothing like an after-dinner walk. Though it's nicer if it's not quite as chilly as it's been the past few days... oh well. :) As soon as the family's done watching another episode of MI-5, Anna and I will be hitting the sidewalks;) 

p.s. apple sauce cake unveiling: asap! ;)


LeAnna said...

I vote for the applesauce cake recipe to be revealed! Oh my gooooodness, it looks downright scrumptious.

Chana said...

You adorable little stinker! THANK YOU for your link to my blog...and I am so happy you enjoyed my post:) You are a sweetie pie and I just heart you! And I heart this post too...you all look like you have so much fun!

Yellow House said...

Seeing your pictures makes me want to quit my job and stay home and cook all day long!

Jennifer said...

Yum, that applesauce cake looks delish! I'm always so hungry after visiting your blog! :)

Isabella Kiss said...

CHICKEN FEET! i love that game. that is actually the only dominoes game I know (other than just matching up dots and color in a line, or standing them up and knocking them over). fun stuff!!!

Oh Mandie! said...

Just so you know, reading this made me drool.

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!