Monday, May 17, 2010

sugar, anyone?

Random post so I can say I blogged on Monday. Harhar.
The stuff that's absent from the beauteous portrayal below is what I ate tonight at 9:30pm.
After coming home from a 1 1/2 mile walk with Anna. *snort*
I don't know why I left it in the little plastic sleeve. Seriously, I don't. Sorry for the inconvenience and ugliness of the glare of light reflection. And it's not sunlight, darnit. Of course. It's 9:30. P.M. 
I'm really sorry. Because after all, giant chocolate-drop cookies are the bomb. And the lighting and plastic doesn't do the yumminess justice. Once again, I'm sorry. ;) G'night.

p.s. tomorrow, or sometime in the next few days, expect a debriefing of today's field trip to the nearest holocaust museum and a Greek restaurant. With pictures to make you hungry --or starving, like I am right now after editing them the smallest bit-- whatever time of day it is. But then, isn't that kinda normal for a post from me? ;)


Chana said...

I must stop looking at your posts at night! Haha! I'm going to weigh 600 lbs with all my late night binging:) xoxox

Casey said...

yum, that looks goooooood.

Christina said...

Looks delicious!!!

The Paper Mama said...

MMMMMmmmm! You deserve a treat after that walk!