Tuesday, May 4, 2010

artistic endeavors: for paige:)

Alrighty. I was waiting until we sent it off in the mail to post this.
And I'm working on the extended cast list with this dear girl on it. :)
I love taking pictures of paint. And I love painting in the daylight.
It turned out quite well. And I heard she liked it. Dear Paige:)
So yes. There's another one for ya. This art post is much shorter than normal art posts, mainly because I made collages out of it. Oops. Tell me if you like it better this way or the long, single-picture-at-a-time-with-lovely-details way. :)
I'm kind of a bit tired today. Late night. Softball practice tonight--hope and pray there are more people there!
I'm too blah-feeling to make jokes right now (odd, very very odd, right?) but I'm listening to Tyrone Wells and last night Dad and I cracked some sort of joke about hoping more men would come to the softball practice. New men we've never met before. Decent, wonderful, men. And I agreed, and then saw his cheeky smile. And I got the joke 2 seconds after I agreed. 
Well, it was funny last night. Don't know if it is today.
Ah! Something to talk about: I had to make coffee earlier (after the Mom's Bible study) the old-fashioned way.
And the childrens are always so sweet--getting so big:) There's a sweet baby boy--I think he's a little over a month or two.
Rachel always makes a big batch of muffins for a snack, because the study starts at 10-10:30am, and it goes into that awkward hungry hour before lunch. ;) These were peanut-butter-with-chocolate-chips-on-top.
Yeah. That's an old-fashioned way of making coffee. Heating it in the good old water-tea kettle by Lifetime stainless steel, and then slowly pouring hot water into the sieve part made for making coffee. I made some Starbuckeronies and shared with Dad for when he goes to the farm. 
Hmm. Those are Ben's hands, I have no idea what he was dealing with, probably one of these:
Giant Yamaha (er, I think it's a Yamaha) that someone gave to them, and they fixed it up, even got the manual thing from the library like 4 times. Harhar. Gosh I love my handy brothers.
Okay. Just to let you know, the boys have airsoft games take place around our house and in the backyard, so it's a fascinating graveyard of sorts for those small plastic BB's. The little boys were picking them up and putting them in a bottle to reuse. Hey, whatever floats their boat. ;)
That's little Ben, the blond one:) Caleb was tired and worn out but smiling (wow!) because him and Ben went to the farm or something to help. He'll definitely take a nap...Ha, he is right now. Wow, today's beautiful. I just love how diligent little Ben was with that. He's adorable:)
Here's one last one. I love all the colors. And that London shirt:)
 [why am I looking up in that pic of me and Rach? I had just spotted another picture prime for the taking. that's what. :)]
Our peonies are coming along nicely...almost budding. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about--that patch of leaves and green and nubs. Around Mother's Day they always bloom. Beauty, and lots and lots of ants. 

I finished the art I was talking about yesterday, but I posted Paige's canvas instead, because that one I did weeks ago. 
So...tomorrow I'll post that one. Anna and I think it is, quite frankly, adorable. 
And now I'm working on one for Lyd, she gets a sister discount. But anyhow. Hope you all have a lovely day! 

Ah...check out that music by Tyrone Wells! Love his voice.


Shelby said...

you're so talented, the paintings are beautiful

Jennifer said...

Love the collages!

Christopher And Tia said...

I love your posts about painting and drinking coffee :)

The Paper Mama said...

The painting turned out very nice, as usual!

My hubby only makes coffee in a french press. It takes longer, but he says it tastes better. I wouldn't know. I like tea.

Casey said...

Ok, you are just adorable :)

LeAnna said...

Mmmm, coffee! I just bought some peony plants for next year, thanks for reminding me they draw ants...I shall plant them on the farthest end of the beds, away from the porch. :P

Ash the Dreamer said...

Dudeeeee... Beka, you follow Jenny Simmons from Addison Road?! haha, I totally never noticed that, until I saw your comment on her last post. haha. she makes me laugh. :) She's awesome. Especially in concert. Have you seen her live? A-Road kicks butt. :)

Lovely painting, dearie! :)

heather said...

awesome painting dear. And wow...hardly recognized caleb smiling. Usually has some form of a scowl on his face. haha. ;)