Wednesday, May 12, 2010

turtles and pancakes!

There's nothing better than pancakes for brunch/lunch on a dreary day. 
How many dreary days in a row.
I haven't counted, but there's been several. It's like spring, sighing before it winds down its last month or two.
And to have this cute little guy reaching for my pancake? What a lovely dreary day. Caleb had fun frying pancakes with Reese on his hip. Gotta love brothers.
Lyd bought a pack of rubber turtles from the dollar store the other day, and when she brought them home, I took one in my hands, admired its accurate form and painting, and cooed, "Aww, it's cute. And it's from China."
Anna laughed.
So today, when Anna visited with the chilluns, Lyd and Sammi were playing with the little turtles, and laughing at how 2 out of 4 "spit" when squeezed. Yes, she even made a habitat for them. I swear the green bin actually smelled like it was a real turtle's home--we used to have a couple painted turtles for pets several years ago. 
Dad laughed at Sammi's it's spitting at Lydia! and my explanation that one has a hole/leak where its shell meets the neck, and the other has a spot by its fin/front foot. I sighed, telling this to Anna and Dad. "Got wounded in the war."
Anna was like, what?
"Well, y'know, the war getting off the beach, it's dangerous trying to get away from the alligators and into the water."
Alright. It was funnier in the moment, because then you had the accurate words, tone, everything. 
Then, a moment later, they were singing Hush Now My Baby, a lullaby from The Prince of Egypt . . . to the turtles for their naptime. 
That's a whole new level.
I never was quite that imaginative, at least I can't remember.
So now that I've figured out the chords for a decent-keyed version, I'm practicing Your Love Is Strong, by Robbie Seay Band . . . for this Sunday.
And that's my thermos, my lovely $2 thermos from that random gas station, which Mom informed me we are now looking for a BPA-free thermos because I'm using it so much...I'm searching for a stainless steel one that insulates. Because I like my coffee hot. And there's my elec-acoustic black baby.

*sigh* Since it's the second Wednesday of the month, today was supposed to be singing at the nursing home, but they called and said that there's a virus going around and they were feeding everyone in their rooms, and to come next month. 
So, that's pretty sad. A very-very small part of me wasn't looking forward to going out in this chilly-rainy weather, but the rest of me was looking forward to it... I sure hope they all come out of it okay. 

On a lighter note, I love this dress. And her hair.
Another random thing, last night --er, morning-- I finished Dream When You're Feeling Blue. At 2 a.m. Youch. I'm surprised I woke up when I did. The ending was...weird. I can handle sad, sappy, horrible sucker-punch-sad endings. But this was just weird. Totally strange. I mean, I know she was keeping her promise...but still. *shakes head* It was weird.

Another random thing is that I brewed coffee today, once again in that kettle thing (I just googled it, and I guess they don't carry it anymore? Wow. Darn.)...and if it's not pre-ground coffee, if I grind the beans here, the grounds don't go through the tiny holes...even though I put it in a normal filter first. *sigh* What a random thing to get off my chest. Just had to talk about it. Sorry. :)
Okay. One last thing. A picture from prettier, brighter days...even though this was when the trees were naked:
Ah... :)
And tonight after church, Anna's getting her hair chopped again...and I'm getting a trim, methinks. Scissors haven't touched my hair since early December. Wow.
That was...September 2008. I love that length. And then me, May 6...
Interesting, huh?
And Anna used to have way longer hair than this....
Oh, sunny days. Please come back:)


Chana said...

I'm loving your hair! I like it a little shorter too, but with it long it makes you look like a princess.(sorry. I hang out with a 2 year old all day and we live in the land of castles and princesses) Too cute about the pancake and I love the turtle home! And seriously....can we get a little sun out here?!?! My's been gloomy forever!

Casey said...

I used to sing in the local nursing home when I was a child, I should really take the kids to do that kind of thing. What a good way to spend free time, helping make somebody's day!
And i agree with Chana, your hair is so lovely.

Yellow House said...

Mmm... pancakes! (Do I always comment on the food here?? Man, I get hungry every day looking at your pictures!)

Abbie said...

Okay, so I got "Dream When You're Feeling Blue" from the library as an audiobook, but for some reason, I never even started listening to it. I think I got "A Woman's Place" by Lynn Austen at the same time, and that one was REALLY good.

Anywho. Now I want to get it again. Perhaps I shall.

Also, I want pancakes now :)

Cute sibs :)

LeAnna said...

Ahh, pancakes are good for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. With chocolate chips and sliced strawberries. And maple syrup. And whipped cream. And a pilate video for immediately following the consumption of such. ;) Your hair is cute short, makes it cooler for the summer I'd imagine.

heather said...

oh wow, I forgot you ever had your hair short. Looks cute. You should try that again. :) Loved the pictures of caleb and reese. sweet. We had pancakes for dinner yesterday too. :)