Thursday, May 6, 2010

artistic endeavors: cappuccino.

Alrighty. So I just made peasant soup. It's a favorite, and it's not really peasant because there's two kinds of meat and it's not rabbit or squirrel, but I guess you can say it's peasant because it's kinda hodge-podge? Anyhow. It's beautiful:)
And I made it.
For the first time in a long time (well, for me to make it).
I have pictures of that, and people who want the recipe, so I'll blog that tomorrow. Today, is as the title. :)
First of all, tell me this isn't the coolest coffee picture ever:
Okay. I'm done with that.  :) Hehe, couldn't resist.
....^ The inspiration. The center one, of course.
That, my dear friends, is the breakfast of artists. ;) Starbucks coffee from Justin and Sarah dear, and vanilla yogurt with Anna's homemade granola (amazing!!) and frozen berries. Oh.My.Goodness. :)
Now onto painting! That, for your information, is dark-dark-dark brown. Brothers didn't think so. 
"Frustrations on the job? Brothers who think a yummy dark-dark-dark chocolate color is black. Sheesh. Their eyes are used to looking at grey pipes of riding lawnmowers and Yamaha dirt bikes. Not paintings. Harhar."
 Yes. Paint-splattered fingers are poetic. And those are library books in the upper left corner...heard about Elizabeth Berg from Flower Patch Farmgirl, so I thought since I like ww2 books, I'd check out Dream When You're Feeling Blue. It's turning out fine so far...I love how she gets you right into the era with slang, clothes, rations, everything. It's so good:) Oh, and realistic family life--sisters having those small odd spats, borrowing clothes, and the cute characters of the little brothers with so many quirks. ;)
I love that apron. And a button for a towel? Sweetness:) Black and white is...oh, yeah. <3 it:) Anyhow, I'm digressing. On purpose. it is:
I just love the falling-apart vintagey rocking chair I snapped it on.
Let me know how y'all like it, 'kay?
Thanks:) Then I can predict if I need/want to paint any more like this--with varying customized colors for the mug. Pink isn't for everyone:) In fact, I'm not much for pink, but when it's paired with dark chocolate and there's not a huge bucket load of pink, I'm okay. I won't ever paint my walls --not even one-- pink. Won't even buy furniture that color. But I did see some furniture in the newest Emma that was pink...and I loved it...but I might get tired of seeing it everyday, such a large thing.
I'm off to read more...after I put the soup away.
Danny loves chocolate. It's dark and he's only getting a tiny piece. Mmmm it's good.


Chana said...

Love it so much!! It's just beautiful! Great job as always!

beka said...

Thanks dear!

Christina said...

That is a cute painting. :) The coffee reflection picture IS cool!! Mmmm CHOCOLATE. I just brought home some biscotti to eat - not chocolatey though, but will meet my sweet tooth's demands!

Christopher And Tia said...

Christopher and I painted some pictures of steaming coffee mugs a few years ago. Its a set of 3 canvas', a coffee mug on either side of a big heart. They're hanging up in our kitchen.

You painting reminds me of that, so of course, I love it :)

and um... now I need coffee and chocolate.

Yellow House said...

You are so talented. I wish wish wish I had the time to paint and create things. Summer vacation will be here soon enough though... and I will be painting my yellow house!

Winklepots said...

Can't go wrong when you do anything with chocolate, the food or color. :o) Very nice painting! And I love that vintage inspired apron too; too cute!

Abbie said...

1. I adore the coffee picture with tree reflection!

2. I want to eat an artistic breakfast!! I had toast with cherry preserves this morning, and also a very insidious modern invention called Breakfast Complete (in powder form) made for freaks-on-the-run like me. Ugh.

3. What magazine is that apron picture from? I swear I just saw the exact same one like, 2 days ago and now it's driving me crazy.

4. I really like the cappuccino painting. The horizontal streaks really give it a vintage-y look.

5. You should officially open a coffee shop/art boutique someday!!! That would be completely awesome, and I would make a pilgrimage to come visit!

Abbie said...

(How's that for a novel in the comments?!)

beka said...

Yay! Love novel comments;)

rachel addison said...

Loved the painting ...

{Amy} said...

beka- you are seriously so talented, so much energy and i love your blogging style. love that painting and although pink is not a favorite color of mine it looks great! i love it, happy friday!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I do like it. Love the colors, and YOU my dear are hot. Just a real cutie:) Have a Happy Mother's day weekend.