Friday, May 28, 2010

hello:) i'm going to make this short.

A couple words:
Not staying up late reading for a while.
Cut my sister's hair.
Need a nap.
Need to clean the kitchen.
Need to paint! Gosh I have like 3 I need to do...
Need to make a coffee cake for the church ladies' brunch get-together tomorrow.
 [See those freckles? Those are from yesterday's venture.]
Yesterday, at the demand and suggestion of a few family members, I went outside and sat on the lush front lawn Caleb's been nearly vain about, growing and watering it these past few months. I sat in the sun. 
And read a blogpost or two of this new author I found... :) 
So I hope I got enough Vitamin D...that was the point that Mom was trying to make.
Oh, and thank God it was around 6pm...not nearly as dangerous as early afternoon, aye?
It's not that I don't go outside. I do. But when we go for walks, Anna and I, we go at night. Or late evening, after 8:30. After sunset. After dinner. Yes, we have late dinners sometimes/most of the time...especially with Dad and fieldwork.
Edith Piaf CD came in at the library today! Should be interesting;) Old. French singing.
*laughs* Wow. It's something you cook in the kitchen to.
Why cooking? Why the kitchen? Because it's French. French=cooking. ;) Gotta love Julie and Julia. All that cooking. 
(And La Vie en Rose is the first song on this blog playlist for now;)

Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, 
because if we are not grateful, 
then no matter how much we have we will not be happy -- 
because we will always want to have something else or something more.
[David Steindl-Rast]


The Paper Mama said...

Great job on the haircut! By the way: your short blogposts make mine look tiny. I never seem to find enough to say. :)

Happy weekend to you!

Chana said...

I wish I had hair as beautiful as you gals! You are all so pretty!! I love your "mini" posts;) They are just about as good as your "large" posts! You always find something lovely to share.

Christopher And Tia said...

mmm, bring some of that coffee cake over to my house after you've made it :)

CourtneyKeb said...

I've got so much I need to do too, yet I'm here on your blog instead. ;)

J.J. said...

I am watching Julie and Julia RIGHT NOW!!!!!!