Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wordless wednesday: windy softball practice.

No we don't live on the farm. It's a few miles away. My uncle's. Dad works with him, though. We had to drop something off. (And golly, I was just reading this post, randomly, after clicking on the label books)
 Now on the road to practice softball. :)
It was super windy. I'm not even kidding you. It was not fun. That's why the picture on the right is taken from inside the van. I'm a coward like that. :P
 Bare feet and asphalt. Oh, and camo cargos snatched for $8 at Kohls a while ago. Mhmmmm. Yes. :)
 Sooc. That's all I have to say about these dying dandelions...straight out of camera. 
This was before friends got there:) 
After coming home, Anna and I took a walk, while it got dark. Cool breezes. There's nothing like a walk. And yes, I'm trying to draw out the waiting time for my newest canvas, mostly unlike any other I've done so far:) And Lyd's...which, I'll hint, has pale yellow and purple... That's all you're tugging out of me. :)
G'night, peoples.
Good morning. 
Who would've thought I'd be listening to Grits?? It's in my computer for Caleb and Rach. Weird. But I haven't switched it yet. Which means I need sleep. 
Oh, and as for this weekend--Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which all three days had something very weird and disorienting in them, I read this verse . . . Monday? I needed to hear this. So much.

7He said to them, "It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority.
[Acts 1]


Yellow House said...

Beautiful pictures, as always! I hope you'll post some brownie pictures on my photo contest this week. :)

Chana said...

Seriously amazing pictures! I love your cute little life:)

Abbie said...

Really pretty pictures!
And I LOVE your new lists! Especially the introduction to your Love List :)

I'm going to swipe some from your 99 list... my 101 Things needs some new life and inspiration... =D

Mom's Coffee Time said...

You are a hoot! What wonderful, fun posts I find EVERYTIME I venture your way. Love the creative pictures...I should try some of these....stay tunned you just might find creative pictures my way. Have a WONDERFUL FUN day!! Thanks for stopping by too! ~Amy