Sunday, May 16, 2010

scones. really really good for sunday afternoons when you should've napped.

Sorry to torture anyone, but I couldn't make it through Sunday night and not do something about it.
Alright, you can tell it's a beautiful day, right?--the blue sky is reflected in the glossy, warm, un-ordinary chocolate-coffee sauce. 
It's the perfect scone.
It was . . . amazing, that first bite. And all the ones that followed, till the whole, delicious, chocolate-coffee drizzled thing was fully consumed.
 Yep, you can kinda tell we use whole-wheat flour, but gosh it turns out awesome either way.
Now, the dear Leanna was the wonderful lady to post this recipe first of all, and I am so glad, because the world has been made a better place. One of these on the plate in front of you, still warm, and world peace is possible.
So... thank you, Leanna. 
*sighs again*
Now, listen. I never sigh over food, do I? So go on and copy this down and scoot your booty into that kitchen and make 'em. 
Hop over here to get the recipe, dears. You know you want it. ;)

To be random, this was a wee bitty part of my afternoon:
I have to say, though, after being lazy about the study on David the past several days, it wasn't exactly a cup of tea, or very fun for that matter, to pull concentration out of my head for pushing through 2 days (8 big pages) worth to start on catching up.

Tomorrow's most likely going to be another field trip, to a museum of some sort that we've not been to...and hopefully trying out some sort of different-than-normal cuisine for lunch. I'm thinking Greek. 

Another random thing? I'm quite enjoying this book. Not to mention the coffee shop owned by an older Italian man is very prevalent. ;) And the main character, Dancy, is a writer/editor, and is learning what it means to trust God when everyone has failed her time and time again.

Another small but very, very sweet part of my day?
I can't wait to use that mug, because it holds probably almost near 4 cups. Haha.
A random gift? Sweetness. Thank you, Sarah:) hugs
I've been saying a lot of thank-you's today, haven't I? 
Well. Maybe it's just because life is too good not to say thank you...
Heavenly Father, You always amaze me.  
[Your Love is Strong; robbie seay band]

Everyone have a lovely Sunday evening and Monday till who-knows-when I'll come back;)


LeAnna said...

Oh man, I wish I had one right now. I'll have to try whole wheat next time, I bet they were so good. Yours look lover-lee!

Yellow House said...

When I first saw those, I thought... I have seen these before! How fun that you used her recipe. They look amazing!!!

Jen said...

Oh yumminess...girl if blog posts were calories, I'd be a blimp. :) You and LeAnna my.

Oh that love. I'm glad it's swallowing you, dearest.

Paige's Page said...

Ahh, those look really yummy right now! =)

Chana said...

Too good for words! I can't imagine how amazing those scones were!! I'm always thrilled when your posts contain chocolate:)

Jennifer said...

Those are the bomb-diggity!

Jenn said...

I saw those on LeAnna's blog last week ~ and ~ and ~ YUm ~ but besides that ~ I am SO craving PW Maple Pecan scones right now ~ now ~ don't want to bake them ~ just want them here to eat! ha ha! =) I hopped over from LMM ~ nice to meet you! looking forward to following along your journey too! b/c well.. Coffee, scones and the bible are my cup of Tea!! ha ha! I might need to take a make a scone break! =)

Jenn ~

Rachel said...

Can anyone say: YUMMY????