Sunday, May 23, 2010

my yesterday.

Well. Here's a random one for ya--not so many words...ha, I guess we'll see;)
But here's my yesterday. I'm uploading these pictures while I read a friend's post on her trip to Ireland last year.
It's silent in the house because the children are outside; Anna, Mom and I are inside with a napping Grammy. Anna's catching up to the place where my book-marker is in Leave it to Claire.
Golly, I love the music she has on her blog.
My yesterday.
Anna was freaking out (hilariously) to me about how wrong it is that Shrek has made it onto packages housing onions of all things.
So she had me take a picture.
Then, because Anna had a headache and she had just finished making those tortuously good chocolate-pecan scones and healthy morning glory muffins in a pan, she took a nap and I got the job --ahem, pleasure-- of making the potato-broccoli curry to bring to a cousin's birthday party that night. (saturday)
Since it's one of the simplest dishes in the world to make, I didn't object much.
Sorry. I'm going to post pictures from that, too, even though there's the recipe I posted earlier, for the same thing. :) I love the look of steamed broccoli. So bright. So healthy looking.
Yay for potatoes! Ha. Sorry. I'm not that passionate about potatoes. I just had to say it.
Yes. Those are my weapons. 
Big smile.
One can of coconut milk coming up. mush it around till it melts and makes a sauce with the hot broccoli:)
Slice and dice up your hot potatoes. That's why I used the weapons I did. I didn't have time to waste on cooling and/or peeling them. (big smile)
Also, I'm reading this sweet wedding photography post by Jana, while these pictures upload...yes, I didn't take the extra time to resize...I'll just catch up on blogs while they load in full size:D
There, you need to put enough curry powder and salt on it, or it'll just taste like...potatoes and broccoli. And those are not known to be the most flavorful things. So...shake away.
I'll just steal a picture of the finished product from that original post:
So anyhow........
There was ice cream cake at the cousin's birthday party.
*happy sigh*
I love that kind of cake:)
Darn but you can't see the Jamie Oliver-like apron I'm wearing. Bought it at the farmers market homemade last year. :) I was very happy with the find.
Ugh, they're watching Free Willy.
Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty good movie...but really? my favorite part as a kid watching it, was in the beginning when those kids steal the cake. (laughs at self) 
But I swear I had nightmares of that part, the underwater window crashing in and water flooding the place. (shudders)
Hmm... That's about it.
I'm off to read. And paint sometime:)

Oh!!! Before all that --and yes, I'll just add chronologically screwed up material right here:)-- Ben and I made a canvas!
It was more like I watched Ben make it, and took pictures while it happened...but now I know how to:) Heh heh. He's such an invaluable, creative brother. 
Okay. See that yellow saw blade? 
That's a table saw blade.
Freaky. Very
I stepped out of the shop while Ben sawed through some boards with that thing. All I could see from my vantage point was his back, and the saw was in front of him...dust wisping around everywhere because he was sawing huge stuff or for very long. Still. It was freaky.
Good old screws. And what a lovely face mask thing. :)
Then Ben took a break....talked to Dad before he left for the farm...and I snapped a few randoms. Don't laugh at how random they are. It's a...some kind of a dirt bike...oh yes, it's a Yamaha YZ125J dirt bike. Straight from the horse's mouth. I mean, my brother's mouth. :) Caleb. Heh heh heh.
And...that's an old telephone. As if you couldn't tell. But I kinda like that shot.
Yep. More wood. More saw. Actually, that's the sander. But it can be kinda scary too.
Oh well. It gets good things done:)
Canvas time...
It's getting exciting... :)
Ugh, I hate the staple gun. (shudder) Sorry. Shops have so many freaky tools.
Yep. That staple gun is a PowerShot. Wow. ;)
Alrighty. There's those darn good scones again. And the chai-from-scratch I made for Grammy the other day...she loved it:) And me, after the canvas was stapled good and done, and yes, that's the primed canvas...and the book I'm currently reading.
Oh, interesting. Lookie here and here...

Happiness is living well. 


Yellow House said...

Lovely all around! Love the quote on the mug about liking people :) How true!

And those scones again! I need to make some very soon! :)

LeAnna said...

Love the randomness, and I just have to say, a staple gun is an invaluable household tool. You must become friends with one! You can build, re-upholster, tack, staple (duh), build, fix, did I mention you can build stuffs? I've learned how to use most of my Hubby's tools, and it's so nice to be able to go out and make something if need be. Don't get me wrong, though...I'd much rather have him do it. ;)

Faith said...

WOW that looks AMAZING

Seizing My Day said...

Hot glue gun and staple gun well if I had one and a bb gun are all a girls best friend!! he he! kinda. sometimes. sortof. =)

fun canvas!

curry potato anything = yummy

I love scones!

it is late. I am so tired. this is the end! =)

Jennifer said...

That's too funny about Shrek!