Monday, May 3, 2010

my saturday. how long.....oh, and storms. :)

Alrighty. Saturday was the first Saturday that we've had at home...for a while.
Friday night we had a storm, there was a tornado watch (there always is, a few times a year, mainly in the spring and fall when it's windiest) and I washed dishes during that storm, during dinner, as the lights flickered off for about 3 seconds about three separate times.
Then, when it was calm, the storm was past, the boys went outside to watch the clouds move by, and there was a huge crack of lightning. I'm pretty sure I heard them describing it as on the edge of our front yard... heh heh, freaky. Then of course the thunder...nice and loud, as it happened very, very, very close to us. Woo-hoo.
Let it be said that I am not and never will be a storm chaser, but I will pray and wash dishes and sing through them.
Next, after the huge lightning experience, there was a rainbow. A double rainbow.
Yep, that's the view out the back door.
Not a short time later --remember, the storm was over-- our lights went out. I'd say it was 7:30ish.
Dad, reading by one of those harsh, bright lights that are kept handy out in the shop.
Mom's choice of light: vintage oil lamps. I'm not saying how many she has, but she lit two of them for this momentous occasion. Lyd was excited for the no-electricity; she's reading the Kaya books in the American Girl series, and reading about Indians has her inspired in every which way you could think of associated with them. :)
This, I was going to sit down next to Dad in the nice bright light and work on.
It's a study on David, etc., and it's very good. Anna and I are working on it with Heather and Steph. 
Whaddaya know, the next minute, the lights came on!
I was hyped, and it was nice to have electricity, as we were chilling outside with Ken and the little ones as it got darker, but it was nice to sit across from Gram in the living room, turn on Mom's lamp, and do my study there. 

Saturday was gorgeous.
I did say that Friday night was the storm, right? 'Kay.
Here's a view through the screen:
Couldn't resist. And it was a hungry day. Mmm, mmm, eggs with toast and salsa.
And inbetween everything that afternoon, I helped Lyd get the hang of a crochet pattern I had from when I was around 12. A baby bootie pattern. She's going wild crazy for it, making pairs with different sorts of yarn and planning to put a pair on Etsy.
So that's all for today. I figure I'll post the Italian chocolate cake recipe after I publish this post. Don't want it to be too long... :)
Have a lovely afternoon!
I'm off to paint and work on that chocolate cake post...
I'm painting.
A new painting. :)
Oh, happy day.

p.s. Tell me someone out there has seen Scamper the Penguin? Lyd is watching it, and it's totally taking me back to my childhood. Harhar. Wow, the music. Brings it all back...and those scary scenes? Bwahahah! The...sea lions. Oh no. And the bad men on the ship. Okay, someone needs to tell me they've seen it. Someone.


Just Anchored said...

I LOVE SCAMPER! Have you seen Rigoleto (I think that's the spelling) It was put out by the same company as Scamper...such a good movie.

Casey said...

I would love someone to help me get the hang of crocheting....anything. I think I am dyslexic when it comes to crochet.

ps- I grabbed your blog button and pps- I just noticed "Galway Girl" on your music player.
Well done :)