Wednesday, March 17, 2010

boundless fascination. ;)

Can you say 'fascinating'?
Yeah. Someone posted the link for this on Facebook, and so I visited because I check these things out once in a while, because Boundless just so happens to have some really good articles. Like this one.

And this is part two, unless you just want to follow the link at the bottom of that article... :)
Hmm. Let me freak everyone out with this question: can you marry too young?
And what's the cost of delaying marriage? Is there any cost at all? Well.. that is, if you even want to get married (someday)?
Bahahaha. I'm having fun today. Like really. This stuff is very interesting, you have to admit.
But hey. What about the people who want to get married, but just haven't yet...partly/mostly due to no possibilities? i.e. "the old."
I'll leave you with this last one: written to young men. 
Until later. ;) 

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