Tuesday, March 16, 2010

on my mind...

I saw this thingy over at a new blog I just found. :) Da Mainiacs. And Christopher and Tia. Loved both of theirs...

Outside my window... it’s mostly overcast and the sun is going to set soon. It’s quiet because the boys have gone to airsoft at the farm with a few other boys. Virtually all the windows are open.

I am thinking... of nothing much, really. Maybe I didn’t yet take that walk I mentioned before…maybe I need to. And I love how Dad is loving those books. :)

I am thankful for... this mug of hot green tea with honey . . . my singing sister and her friend:) . . . books that wait patiently for me to finish them . . .

I am wearing... a Square-necked short sleeved shirt, camo cargos, (psh, i got them for half what it's on sale for.:)) bare feet, purple studs and my September posts in the second-holes from earlier this month. Like, no socks today. Even with a breeze going through the house. It feels like the house is getting cleansed from Cabin Fever. :) Love the feeling.

I am remembering... what was going on this time last year. Getting ready for the Above Rubies conference, sap running in the maple trees, outdoor weather that doesn’t freeze your nose off. ;)

I am creating... a scarf I’ve been working on since late December or early January; aqua, blue, and cream color blocks. Let’s not mention I haven’t picked it up since watching Sahara in mid-January. Whoops. :
I’ve been writing a lot more than anything else lately . . . oh, wait. Isn’t cleaning the kitchen “creating” something? A clean house…that’s creating something worth creating. ;) Oh. I’m creating a remix for Heather.

I am going... to bed in a few hours. I foresee no walk for today; gotta stay in and keep an eye/ear on the kiddies inbetween all this.

I am reading... Violette Between by Alison Strobel. Then after that, I’m hoping to read Acts (in the Bible) and Talking to the Dead by Bonnie Grove inbetween that.

I am hoping... to feel even better tomorrow. And that my imagination disappears in certain areas about certain circumstances and human beings. Why can’t I ever forget some things? Sometimes selective amnesia sounds kind of good . . . thoughts can become somewhat torturous.

On my mind... um. On my mind? Hum-di-dum. On my mind . . . I don’t know. I haven’t really thought thoughts of my own for a little while. Just been doing stuff. Thanks for asking, though. Oh--tonight The Biggest Loser is on. :)

Noticing that... if you write things down to remember them, you just might, especially if you write things down for your future self, like I have in the past. How weird is that? okay. I bet you can tell that I’m just trying to fill this space for answering this certain question with just a bit of . . . rambling. Sorry. But it is interesting, is it not?

Pondering these words… how much can you change in a year? how much can you learn in that much time?

From the kitchen... omelettes. I blogged about that already. Well, mainly about mushrooms. :)

Around the house... the childrens run. And laugh. And whine. And play. And chase each other. around the house we clean. Nearly every Monday, like clockwork. One of the most tired days of the week, and we clean. Ironic?

One of my favorite things... ha. There are several. What the heck. Quiet. Books. Coffee. Rainy days with a clean house so that I can read and write.

A few plans for the rest of the week... tomorrow, Wordless Wednesday and church at night; Thursday, who knows. Friday and Saturday? Cleaning the kitchen and cooking food for the family with Anna gone nannying. (is that a word?:)) Oh yes, and the Sanctus Real concert on Saturday night. Can't wait! And Heather coming with us, too. ;) (hi heather! hahaha)

A picture that I would like to share...

November 11, 2008; these were the books I was into, what I was reading about like crazy, using the library for all it's worth. ;) That's how we do it up here. Well . . . that's how I do it. Haha.
(well, sheesh. after trying literally a billion times, and resizing nearly as many, it finally loads one. my gosh. i put i lovely cinema filter on this one.:))


heather said...

Thats what I love about you dear...your randomness.(not sure if thats a word) Very entertaining post. And thanks for the remix by the way. :)

Christopher And Tia said...

I remember things much better after I've written them down, even if I never see the actual piece of paper again. Just the act of writing it down kind of pushes it to the front of my memory :)