Monday, March 22, 2010

of can-openers and . . . mothers.

“Becky, I can’t find the can-opener here. I’m in distress, or haven’t you noticed, stuck on the tube?” Mom says this from the kitchen, straight ahead in my sights.
Ahem. My Mother is the only person in the world (i think) who calls me "Becky". I'm just saying. It's not my favorite nick-name for my full name, Rebekah. I myself prefer Beka. And I'm not going into the other nicknames... Mothers come up with some crazy ones. ;) But it's my mother; you allow your mother allowances for names, you know?
“Um. Hold on.” I close my laptop and get up. This [problem] can be resolved very easily, with a calm voice and an intellectual, knowing explanation. “Now, finding the can-opener can sometimes be hard. But sometimes easy. When you can’t find it, you need to keep your calm and look again, because it makes itself invisible sometimes, and sometimes it’s hiding under something . . . so you need to look again, usually. But prepare yourself to forego the pleasures of chickpeas (to make into hummus), Mother.”

Hmmm. I’d say us kids use the can-opener more often and therefore have to look for it. Which is the reason why I’m so knowledgeable (haha!) about the whereabouts of the infamous can-opener.

So we looked.

We didn’t find it.

So I offered the only explanation I can in this kind of situation. “Well, sometimes it loses itself. Disappears for a few days. Looks like that’s what it’s doing now. I can’t find it. You can’t find it. It lost itself. It’ll appear in a few days. Sorry.”

There you have it. A can-opener drama.

P.S.: We just found it. Um, just reappeared. Found itself. (haha)


Christopher And Tia said...

our problem with can openers, is they often lose their strength after much too short of a life. we've gone through several, all ending in frusterating encounters with the trash can. Finally, we've found that works for us, and I'm not going to lie, we treat it like its made out of diamonds, haha.

heather said... it!! Interesting the things mothers can get away with. ;)