Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wordless wednesday

What a good morning. Woke up before everyone else (but Anna dear), showered and went outside, read part of John 12 and journalled. The sun rose above the huge pine tree and warmed me up. Cool-brewed vanilla tea in my barnes and noble "books to read" huge mug. :) Pictures, pictures of God's beautiful morning! Yes, I took ...some...quite a few. How could I help it? ;) There are many more, but I can't do them all today. 
Eh....I'm off to get a wee bit of coffee. (YES! bolivian blend to the rescue...)
The day is getting to me. But not to some people; I can tell...

p.s. Have I ever been wordless??? I didn't mention yet that the birds were singing like crazy. Crazy. Beautiful. :)


alita said...

John is my favorite part of the bible. It is the only part that I read over and over. Weird? I love the whole bible, but I'm drawn to John. Especially John 8:1-31.

Enjoy the rest of your week chica!

heather said...

It was such a lovely day. Thoroughly enjoyed our walk yeasterday...amusing as always. :)