Friday, March 5, 2010

counters. yay!!! :)

This, my dears, is a wee little montage. There, you see the famed counters. :) And the new faucet. And the sink that came with the counter, and yes, it's as seamless as it looks. :)
And there you see the stuff I was reading yesterday, I'm halfway through Operation Firebrand: Deliverance; and we got the Above Rubies magazines, yay!!!
Ah, there's my station. Mugs, hanging from handy little hooks under the cabinets. My dear little old Procter-Silex coffeemaker that makes pretty darn good coffee, just so ya know. ;) Caleb looked at it the other day and grimaced, and I just shot him a look, because I knew he was about to say, 'hey, we should get a new coffeemaker; that one ...doesn't look so good.' But I told him it made good coffee, and since he doesn't drink it hardly at all, just please close his mouth. :) Heh heh.

Mmmm. That right there is lemon meringue pie. Neighbor across the street needed to borrow a 5lb bag of sugar. Later that day, randomly he came over with his son (he used to own the bakery a block away, so we found it quite funny that he was out of sugar.:)), and what did they bring? 
Two whole lemon meringue pies. 
Now, let me tell you something: we were not expecting them, but in this cute small town, I guess you just knock, and when Caleb answers the door, you walk in. 
I've never done it before, but hey, I guess it works. 
One little thing, though: we were not expecting them. i.e.: our kitchen was a blooming wreck. :) A lovely wreck. 
Mom, Anna and I walked into the kitchen where the neighbor and his conveniently cute son stood, placing the pies on the --ahem, not cleaned since that morning-- counter. :)  
A moment after they stepped out the back door into the cold, smiling, jovial, and friendly as if the kitchen had been sparkling, Anna, Mom and I slid into our own little reactions. Ack! This kitchen looks like heck! Gosh, Caleb, thanks for opening the door! You could've warned us!
Well, it was fine. I kept telling Anna and Mom, Hey, nobody's perfect; no one's kitchen is clean 24/7. Especially if they use it. :)
Man, that pie was good.
This was today. I made pancakes for lunch, ;)
Dad's request.
But before that, I visited Anna next door, and there's Reese and Sammi, and Anna with them on the couch. Tired. :)
Ah, there's more of that sink. And the counters. And the eggs we get from a nice lady down the street from church who grows her chickens free-range and organic or whatever. All I know is that they're some of the best eggs ever. :)
Yay! After a bit of time passed reading Jana's blog, the picture loader is finally loading wonderfully! :)
okay. Those are the counters before. I don't know if I've posted that one in an earlier blogpost. Sorry. :)
Alrighty. Lovely!
For your information, that is, quite randomly, a stone in my hand. According to Lyd, it's prefect for skipping. :)
yes, those are the eggs again, sorry, on the lovely counter, I just love the contrasting colors, and yep, I keep towels handy on the top of the counter, not just in a drawer. I'm weird. Get over it. ;)
These, my good peoples, are the newly refinished kitchen drawers/cabinet fronts. :) Ben did a lovely job. Positively lovely. You don't know it and you can't feel it, but goodness gracious, those things are silky. Silky as...Anna says white-chocolate-mocha's are. :)
Beautiful job, Ben!
;) Um, excuse the counters. I was between shifts. Heh heh. That pretty much sums it up, though.
Have a lovely day!
Until next time. :)
My pancakes are a triple batch of Betty Crocker's, and I double the triple. Haha, I hope I just confused you. That's why I used 6 eggs. :)
Here's the triple batch:

3 eggs
3 cups flour
2 1/2 cups milk
3 TBSP sugar
6 TBSP butter
3 TBSP baking powder
1/2 tsp and a sprinkle, salt


Samantha said...

The kitchen is beautiful!!!!

beka said...

Hehe, a nice somewhat clean day. ;) Thanks. :) We're excited for it. LOL