Friday, March 19, 2010

faithfulness. and, of course, a...good day. errr....

Today has been . . . quite a day. And not because we were busy as heck, but it was just one of those days.
I had some pretty good oppurtunities to blow it, and I did. I blew up. Not to mention I didn't start the day out very well; slept in and that was a bad move.
A batch of bread is rising right now, and goodness it's chillier outside today. The weatherman may yet prove to be telling the truth. Darn. We're supposed to get some snow this weekend (cue whining: nooooo!) . . . here's a good thought: tomorrow night is the Sanctus Real concert, and tomorrow lunch (just to back up and confuse you) is the randomly good lunch at the home of some friends from church.
Can't wait. They're one of the sweetest couples, and Anna has been lending her a few books and movies here and there and we're all loving it.
But anyways . . .
Irritableness must've been borne on the air, because some of us were clashing. Well, more than normal for all us humans. Har, har.
There wasn't enough getting done. I blew up at a chosen sibling. The house still desperately needs picking up, etc. Things like this, they all build up. And they were. Goodness, they were.
So when Anna came home from her job as a nanny, I started making bread in the Bosch and turned on Haste the Day with Ben's iPod going through the small Ibanez bass amp set in the back corner of the counter. (haha, yeah. we play our kitche music through an amp. as in, loud. i'm just kidding; we barely put it to the 3. ;))
Do you know what Haste the Day sounds like? (i love the songs Autumn --acoustic-- and eye of the needle, and porcelain. good songs. :))
Well. Let's just say it's cleaning music. Or in the case, cooking music. When you've been irritable. When you've been . . . angry.
:) Yeah, we have mood music at our house. hahaha

Hmm. I finally got around to reading John chapter 4. Should've done it in the morning. Should've done it earlier. Should've kept my mouth shut all day, except for good things to say, just like that bunny on Bambi said. Should've . . .
Well, you can see and imagine that there are a lot of things I should've done. But I didn't. It didn't turn out that way. But today is a reminder for tomorrow, isn't it?
And God loves us through everything--He's always there no matter how nasty, stupid, preoccupied we get . . . Because we can. And do. Or am I the only one??
So you see, I realized that. While I was making bread, I was pondering how . . . awful and disappointed I'd been in myself . . . and then I thought, it's when we hit these days that we see He's faithful. He still loves us. He's still there.
And so there is a purpose to all of it? Life throws stuff at us, I get moody, and things happen. Woo-hoo. We just need to realize (there's that darn word again; i need to find a sysnonym!) the truth that lies on the beach after the storm has passed. Er, hurricane. ;)
So today has been one of those days. And I see this verse in a new light:

...I have loved you with an everlasting love;
therefore I have continued My faithfulness to you.
[Jeremiah 31:3]

And how funny; I have a shirt with this one on it:

Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you;
bind them around your neck;
write them on the tablet of your heart.
[Proverbs 3:3]

Well. Anna's finishing up some seafood lasagna. Dad's home, and Danny's here --and finally in a good mood. Ah, nice. And there's more dishes piling up. :) (yay!)

P.S. -that picture is from last summer. Or the summer before. Too bad it's not like that outside yet . . . I love that tree in the summer. Tons of shade...

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heather said...

Awesome reminder Bekah..and no you're not the only one. How often I do that. Get started on the wrong note and then being irritable at the people I love more than anything. Grrr...God IS faithful though in spite of all our shortcomings. Thats an awesome blessing. :)