Tuesday, March 9, 2010

michael tyrell . . . and . . . lounge/pj pants. who likes 'em? i do. :)

Nothing new to say today, sorry.
Life like normal.
Prepped for turkey meatball soup. 
Watched 2-yr-old Danny for a while.
Oh, wait! But I have to blog about this beloved subject, because Anna told me to; plus, we even took pictures. Well, Anna did. And Sarah will, perhaps, be reading this. ;) (hi, sarah! give eliyah a kiss on her sweet cheeks for me! :))
Orange-and-pink plaid pj/lounge pants. :) She gave them to me for my birthday, but Sunday Anna did a wee little photoshoot Sunday afternoon, just when I happened to be all matchy-matchy. :) She said I looked 'fruity', 'peachy,' and sweet. Oh, and Heather called me 'colorful'. Guess I'm not normally so colorful. :) No, I really like wearing black, peoples. You just don't see me enough below the neck to know it. ;)

So there they are. And there we are: me and Bubby. :) 
Otherwise known as Ben. My brother. He did his hair Sunday morning, and we talked him into wearing it to church like so. ;) Everyone loved it.  
(didn't you, sarah? you cute little instructive-criticismer! just kidding.)
So it's been lovingly tolerable weather of late. Tomorrow and Thursday is supposed to be mid-50's! Yay! Praise be to God, Spring is coming. I think God loves Spring. But He loves winter, also, because we come to appreciate life's different facets in those harder, colder, unlovelier times. He does a lot of work in the winter that we can't see. Because we all know, those perennials are going to pop up when it gets warm enough, and He was good enough to make so much beauty. In flowers, in the sky, in His people.

Okay. There were several more pictures, but Ben was reacting to the camera's attentions and tried to push me off the deck with utmost brotherly affection. Grr. There was mud and snow down there, off the left side of the deck/ramp for Grammy's wheelchair, and so I put up a wonderful fight, keeping myself stable and on dry ground. Er, wood.
No matter that I was addicted to that song, Kiss the Flag by Evans Blue for probably an hour earlier, while I was drinking my first strong mug of coffee since mid last week . . . combatting symptoms completely takes away any craving for coffee.
Another thing--I finished the hour-long CD of Michael Tyrell that dear friends sent to me for my birthday (smiles--thanks rayray! and the rest of you!) . . . . goodness, my goodness. That was so good. I stood there for a little bit, just typing away a ton of quotes while listening. Here's a little part:

Stand at the crossroads and look… and ask for the ancient path and where the good way is. Sometimes you get lost, sometimes you just lose your bearings. In the church we think the lost are people who haven’t found Jesus, in the world we think lost just means I don’t know where I am. There’s a good way. And it’s Yahweh. I don’t want to go any other way.

Oh, and this one:

You won’t get popular telling the Truth, but you might get beheaded. But what are our options, we just become great at deceitfulness and act like it’s church? We just be real nice and forget how to be kind? We just become political, instead of holy? What are our options? Play church, or be church?

:) Yes, I typed it out word-for-word. Kinda raw. He was intense. I loved it.
And then there's this one:

...Until it’s a virus, until it multiplies, until we just tell the truth, and tell the truth, and tell the Truth so no lies can live…

I'm off. Goodnight. :)
One last one:

I’m empty, You’re full, save me.


Justin said...

Have to say that those pants are absolutely adorable, though I may be a bit partial since I bought them! :) Another one of my attempts to expand your color palate beyond the traditional black, though you look amazing in anything, so what does it matter anyway. And to be fair to me regarding Ben's hair, I did like it, I just said that I would like it better if it was a little like the bed head look vs the mohawk! ~ Sarah

beka said...

Thanks, Sarah. :)
I know--I agree they're adorable. Thank you guys once again!! :)
Mhmm...we'll have to work on that bedhead look. ;)