Thursday, March 4, 2010

time. it's always slipping away.

I don't have enough time to write an actually post and load some pictures today, because I have to get off this thing, iron a ton more, listen to the CD of Michael Tyrell (wow, amazing goodness) dear friends of ours gave us. . . and tonight --as in, 1 1/2 hours that flies by freaking fast, haha-- we're going to the sweet little Mexican restaurant in town for a late celebration of Rachel's birthday. Hmmm.
Wow. I'm feeling kind of rushed; but a list of things to do and caffeine (yes, more of that pecan torte from that extrememly nice lady at church...LOL) running through you has a tendency to make you feel that way, right?
Hmmm. (i say that to calm myself; like a very, very deep breath.:))

This is a quick one of my second piercing (no, not a cartilage. hehehe) just as I wrote the other day . . . Click to see it bigger and know what I'm talking about. It's a wee little stud, and no, I didn't get just one done. Both ears, baby. It was fun. They didn't have February, so I picked September. Sapphire, it's supposed to be. I just like the blue. Like the sky. Like water. Like . . . you get what I mean, ja?
Goodnight, y'all, and I'll try to write tomorrow, if not this weekend sometime! :)


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Cute piercing! Hope you enjoy your fun weekend!! :)


Jen said...

Cute! :) I got my 2nd when I was 13--since then I have debated my nose and cartlidge. Oh well...I prolly shouldn't be a pin cushion, haha.

Refuse to be hurried and pressed, love (quoth Amy Carmichael--the quote is on my blog)! Have a lovely weekend. :)

beka said...

Aw, come on Jen, be a pin cushion! You'd be a gorgeous pin cushion no matter what. ;)