Saturday, March 6, 2010

guns and me.

Interesting story, involving me and my brothers, etc., and sorry, I can't remember all the funny amusing things we/I said. Darn it. My deepest apologies. :)
Well. Last night I finally got out to the shop to practice Revelation Song (done by Kari Jobe, amongst others).
The boys were out there, and as we talked while unscrewing cymbal stand thingys and got amps out, well, inbetween all that, I picked up one of their m4 guns.
Yes, a gun.
No, not real. Just an airsoft version, but I guess...that without the orange tip, it look exactly like a real m4. Who knew?
(sarcasm, sorry.;))
So I picked one up. There were two sitting there, on the huge table saw area.
They weren't worried. They kept talking.
Never assume you're safe in the room with me. There are ricochets. ;)
So while they talked, I fiddled. I found the little switch thing, ya know, the safety. Heh heh. And then I found, just by tugging, pulling and jerking different parts, how to cock it. So I did, of course.
They heard, and I took aim quite, um, casually, as they noticed me.
So, I pulled the trigger. It was...interesting. They both kinda ducked on impulse, I guess maybe worried or something.
"Did that just shoot something?"
Um. Yes. That was me.
"Look, Ben, it made a hole in the window!"
A window is straight across from where I stood, and yes, there is a tiny whole in the plastic material of the shade, thanks to me.
Caleb took that gun away, and so I picked up the second one and cocked it.
He startled, putting his hands out to stop me. "Be careful. Point it down."
Well, I learned a few things.
I'm just kidding. I knew them already, ya know, those tips of caution.
So I pointed it down, as in, way down. I put it close to a camo jacket laying on the ground (because, ya know, it can ricochet), and shot just to see how it felt. Then I gave it to Ben.
"Hey, you want to buy an m4 for 10 bucks?"
I told you, peoples, I get awesome sister-discounts on the stuff my brothers sell. i.e., pens, guns, bookshelves, etc. ;)
Um, no, I told him.
Oh, come on!
Haha, no. I'm really not a gun person, if you couldn't tell from the above scene. I've seen a pig get shot before getting butchered, and goodness me, it's something I probably could've lived without. But, for the record, last spring I did play a few games of one-on-one airsoft with Caleb, around the house outside, a couple extra layers of clothing, and fully-auto airsoft guns. :)
If you were interested, the gun I shot a hole through the shade with, looked kind of like this:
Onto another subject . . .

Seriously, check her site out. Beautiful, goodness gracious!


Jen said...

Haha this made me laugh and miss you guys so much!

Lady Florimel said...

hehehe funny story!! :)