Monday, March 29, 2010

bread, mondays, and ....sleep. ;)

I had some thoughts --quite funny ones at that-- for what I would write in this post today.

Like... I feel and look like a hodge-podge, tired, weird, funky, person. Those are just a few words that popped into my head when thinking, feeling and seeing what I look like today. And how today is. Affecting everyone.

Blank canvas. (no makeup today, but that not the point) 
Red-black plaid flannel pj pants as the house heats up for the first time since last Thursday.
Hair up in a haphazardly-looking messy bun stuck with a dpn (double-pointed knitting needle). 
Eating copious amounts of Trader Joe's chocolate-covered coffee beans (well...only about 2 handfuls...ahem.) 
Cream aran cabled sweater.
I never wear sweaters.
Have I mentioned that before? I'm more of a zip-up hoodie person. And not those really crazy kind of zip-ups, either. Nice and simple. Not too colorful or primary...
You know it's a weird, slow, messy-house day when I'm wearing a sweater.
Oh, and pink-red-white "x's and o's" socks? No one matches their clothes on days at home, do they? Because heck, I'm not. Not today, I'm not.
Not to mention I woke up really late. Went to bed around 8pm, (holy cow! someone call the...nevermind. just pray for me.) 
I was reading until the words weren't making any sense, then shut off my light before 9pm. Yeah....I never go to sleep and words never stop making sense to me before 9. Heck, before 11. It was weird.
I won't say the time that I woke up at, because some of you will be jealous, some of you will be disgusted, and some of you . . . well. I don't see how I didn't wake up earlier than that all by myself, considering how early I went to sleep.

But with all that said, Caleb needs to clean the wreck of a kitchen.
And I need some tea.
Hope y'all have a lovely Monday. :) I'm going to blog-hop a wee bit more, then make myself some green tea and stop myself from eating more coffee beans. :)
In fact, I need to catch up in reading John. I didn't read anything this weekend; there was no time...yeah, I know. No excuses. So anyways. I'll go catch up on that soon....

p.s. I was making these on Thursday night at 10:30pm, for the Shabbat dinner we have on Saturday nights with the families and Nancy and Colin Campbell.
And here are the lovelies, in the oven...
Mmm, I got to be very very good at braiding fast and good; Thursday night alone I made 12 loaves like these. :) Before that, I don't know how many I made. 
A batch of the bread recipe I use with everything (including this) makes anywhere from 8 huge ones to 12+ nice cute-sized, braided challah's.
So anyways. G'bye for now.

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Velvet Over Steel said...

Very natural and 'real' post you wrote there! Now I just want to go home and get all comfortible in the house. Oh and the bread is making me very hungry!! :-) ~ Coreen