Tuesday, March 30, 2010

coffee and the day...my randomness. :)

Well. Today has a wee bit lined up . . . vacuuming, also. (can i hear everyone say 'booooo!' with me? ;))

So...Sarah and Justin (and eliyah) dropped off our Trader Joe's order the other day (thank you!!:)) : a couple bags of garlic naan, Indian flatbread. And...a can of Bolivian Blend coffee beans. :)

We had something for lunch that we haven't had for a while: hummus spread on tortillas, then sauteed sliced peppers and chicken over that, and roll it up and eat it. Mmmm, good.
So...I reorganized my bookshelves and threw out some coffee cups. Um. I don't think I've told y'all about my weird not-quite-obsession.
And these are all of them. From our vacation last summer...random visits to random coffee shops and errand runs with Mom and Anna --i.e. Caribou. ;)
Oh, and the winter night with a blizzard that Dad took Anna and I to see Invictus. :) We walked the couple blocks to Caribou while Dad got the tickets; we were the only ones at the theatre and got to take our coffee in. :) It was one of most beautiful nightime walks I've ever taken...snow falling softly, street lights glowing, hardly any traffic. If it was summer or spring, you would totally envision something from The Notebook--dancing in the street...
But anyways.
The wood is showing in that spot where the purple paint scratched away...because a few years ago, when I painted it, I didn't take the time to sand it up a bit. All my fault. Someday I'll redo it...I really love the random dark purple. But I haven't been motivated thus far to take everything off first of all. :D

Oh, and I threw away the ones without dates written on the bottom. :) A few of the dates made me smile. Like, February 2, at a Starbucks with Jen and PJ, meeting Heather and Stephanie before we sent the former two on their way home via the Amtrak.
And, the Invictus date. It was kind of exhilarating driving there and home through a blizzard. ;) Anna bouncing between yelling and praying; Dad steering; me praying in the back seat, leaning forward to see as much as I could try, the snow heading straight into our windshield in that mesmerizing way.

Anyhow, I'm just that random. And weirdly sentimental. And . . . weird. Did I say that already?
So. I got quite the jitters off that Bolivian Blend. I don't drink coffee for the side affects, peoples. I assure you.
In fact, I hate it when I'm all high-strung feeling and all that. Urgh. It's a strange feeling.
The windows are open. With bare feet, I went out and hung towels on the line. It's around 65. :) The sky is clearing up again; it was blue in the beginning, then overcast for a while. Vacuuming is calling to me. Lovely. Oh, and several glasses of water.
Until tomorrow. Or whenever. Y'all have a lovely day. :)


Kelsey said...

Yay, bare feet! :D We are kindred spirits for sure, girl! I was barefoot outside of church on Sunday, it was just too sunny not to be!!

:o) Kelsey

heather said...

haha...love it!! Stef was just saying that she needs a good sized mug. Oh and hooray for bare feet! ;)