Thursday, March 25, 2010


(I promise I'll never be a shrink, but let's go along with this;)
Imagine a quiet place. Well, mostly quiet.
Some of you are mothers and therefore probably don’t really know or remember quiet, much less know the word except for it may be in your vocabulary for yelling for some quiet.

Well, that’s just me.
There’s this quiet place. Sun coming through the window, making the house glow.
Oh yes—and the house is nice and clean, organized, etc.
And a pretty, plain-blue mug filled with French caramel cream (Berres Brothers) coffee with a bit of milk warms your hands. Because, you know, it’s not quite fully spring. It’s still chilly. So it’s beautiful. And the blue in the sky isn’t the clear, intense shade that comes in the winter all the time with the crazy-cold days.
It’s quiet. You have your favorite drink in hand.
And the sun is shining.
Did I mention it’s quiet, and you did all the important things yesterday?
There’s nothing pressing that needs done today, besides the un-stressful normal stuff.
Well. This place? If you’ve momentarily imagined yourself there . . .

I’m not.
Really, I’m not.

Don’t laugh.

Danny’s still screaming from his tantrum in the car on the way here, I still need to do my laundry for this weekend, still need to finish folders, still need to pack, still need to make a big batch of bread --braided challah-- for the Shabbat meal we do on Saturday night . . . (yeah, yeah, don’t laugh! i may or may not be more accustomed to handling chaos that i am responsible for...)
Ha! You guessed right. I’ve had quite a bit of coffee today. Had to. Anna woke me up before she left for babysitting next door, 6:45am. I’m not a morning person, not really. I’m a night owl; don’t judge. And I really regretted staying up till 12 reading more of Talking to the Dead by Bonnie Grove. Grrrrr. I longed for sleep the first hour I was awake, but I quickly got over it after a breakfast of yogurt-berries-granola-pecans. You really should try it sometime. It’s filling, kind of on the healthy side, and quick to throw together.

Hmmm. But you won’t see me on here this weekend.
At least I don’t think so.
98% says you won’t.
Busy, busy.

(this is grammy and me--last summer at my graduation party. she's quite the social butterfly. and she was quite independent when she was younger...:)
Grammy is thinking she needs to go get some groceries—juice, milk, bread.
I appealed to her on a different subject: Grammy, can you stay for a little while longer? If you leave, I’ll be here all alone.
Yes, it’s finally quiet. We're the only ones home because the rest are at the retreat place getting stuff set up.
But now I’ve got to persuade her not to go. (come on, tell me: have fun! my reply: i'll try to. it shouldn't be that hard.)
So, off to make bread I go—and find something to interest Grammy. That picture book on Orcas didn’t last long. She’s got more pressing responsibilities to attend to. ;) I don't normally lie, but today I'm going to have to bend the truth to settle her down. She's quite ambitious right now. You don't know what I'm talking about, you don't understand until you have lived with a person in this stage...
If she says she needs to get home, because there are people/family waiting, what else am I supposed to do but say that they called me and said they would be elsewhere/not home tonight?? (yeah, sarah, my calming voice is not important or helping too much tonight...must think fast to occupy her interest more than the duty so strong in her mind!!) All I can say is, at times like these I'm kind of glad she can't walk by herself. She needs help. But that opinion's just from one angle . . .

Hope y’all have a lovely weekend. I’m bringing my coffeemaker to the retreat place. Oh, yeah. And we’re going to have coffee parties. (aren’t we, heather and steph? ;) and daddy. and…) I've heard that there are a few coming who like coffee; hence the title "coffee party." Might be a lofty idea, but let's hope. ;) You'll hear about it Monday. I don't know.
I'm just slightly bummed that I won't have my lovely Bolivian Blend from Trader Joe's...but that really can't be helped. I'm not about to pay 10+ bucks for overnight shipping from dear Sarah and Justin...besides, it's not the worst thing in the world, going without a certain kind of coffee on a weekend you'll be sharing said brew a lot with lovely people. ;)

Anyways, I am so going to write about said party when next I write, because it probably…might…maybe…promise to be amusing.
:) Hmmm. I read this interesting post earlier, by a friend....
P.S. --^^random and Reese, one of the two children Anna is a nanny to. (what a funny word.)


donna_m_webb said...

lol I keep hearing music playing, then I realize you have a music player going and I usually don't have my speakers on, which I do now so therefore I hear music playing! where are you all going this weekend, won't you be at church on Sunday for the choir performance?

got to ask, what is your favorite coffee? my favorite places to go nearby are Barnes and Noble, I am a journal addict and must look at all the journals and maybe indulge in a new one, and I must get a Starbuck's, my favorite, strong and bold!

beka said...

Hmmm. A question about what kind of coffee I like??? favorites??? Wow. That's a hard one. Almost deserving of a blogpost of its own! ;) lol
Soon, soon--I promise, It'll come.
But a short answer, I love Caribou's daily blend...with a bit of half-and-half and a little packet of sugar-in-the-raw stirred in. Mmmm, My favorite. By Caribou, that is.

I like Berres Brothers coffee, too. That's what we buy for brewing here in our home. :)

heather said...

Can't wait for that coffee party Bekah!! See you soon! ;)

Kelsey said...

Your grandma is adorable. I love grandmas. My friend and I go to our local Alzheimer's home and sing and give hugs and laugh with the is one of my favorite places EVER.
One of my grandmas (the Christian one) passed away last July 4th and I get waves of missing her SO much--we were so alike and it hurts that I won't get to share her with my (Lord-willing) future family. DO cherish your grammy.

<3, Kelsey :o)

beka said...

Oh...I definitely try to cherish her. And hey--that's funny: me and Grammy are really alike, too! Ha!
Ohhh, the blessings God places in front of us. I never really knew we were so alike until she started living with us... we're both really spunnky, but nevermind---I'm just going to have to write a post about her and I! :D

LeAnna said...

I think it's amazing what you guys do for your Grammy. She is one blessed lady.