Monday, March 8, 2010

political incorrectness, and oh, how i love little sisters.

Anna and I were talking about her and Mom being doulas for a friend of ours having her second child next month, and all the stuff I’d have to do if the baby decides to come on a Thursday or Friday . . . i.e.: babysit the childrens, Sammi and Reese. Also, wake up at 6am. Youch!!! That, my dear, is my definition of early. I mean, the sun's barely up by then! Is it even up then? I wouldn't know . . .

So anyways, we're talking. And then:
Lyd walks in.
"Prince John is so evil, didja know that?"
"What?" Anna.
"Yeah, he’s like, Do you love me!" She raises her arms, mimicking Prince John on Robin Hood season 3. "He’s so selfish."
What a pronouncement.
"Is he gay?" Anna. Directing the question to me, obviously.
"No, Anna, he’s not gay." Me.
"What’s gay?" Lyddie asks, curious.
Anna and I laugh. Outright.
Goodness. Lately I’ve been regaling you with oddly amusing lose-your-brain little moments, late at night . . . like the geese/seagull thing. Heh heh.
So anyways, what she means is, “what does gay mean?”
Um. I’m not going to be the one to tell her. Nuh-uh. And neither are you.

Let her be innocent.

And have I ever told you how I don't care if I'm . . . politically incorrect? My whole being is politically incorrect. :) See me smile. Jesus loves you. Really.


LeAnna said...

You crack me up. One time my sister saw one of those bull ball things hanging off the back of a pickup truck (ever seen a pair? They're usually plastic or metal and they look like, yes, bull testicles/calf nuts. Very popular in Red Neck America...anyway) she said "Why does that guy have a sack of onions hanging on the back of his truck?" we pretty much died laughing.

beka said...

Haha! Oh, yes...we've had our share of odd funny moments like those, also. Oh, goodness.

And thanks. I take it as a great compliment when someone says i crack them up. ;)

Isn't Drowning all we've earned? said...

I love this! Oh my goodness. That is hysterical. How old is Lydia now? I don' think that you should tell her yet either. Keep her innocent for as long as you can! :) That is quite funny though. =]