Friday, March 12, 2010

honey bears, love, and pictures. and what a day.

Hello everyone. :) Everyone who does and doesn't yet honestly, legally, out-in-the-beautiful-open Follow me (go click on that Follow button, all you wanderers! don't be shy!) *wink, wink* and all you who sneak around on the edges of this random, hopefully-interesting foray of life. :) (goes and laughs head off)
That up there, is my trusty honey bear. Getting filled up again.
It seems I just did that the other day, and no, I don't go through a whole bear in a week or less . . . Lyd and Ito were having green tea the other day (way to surprise me!) and guzzled half the bear into their cups (who they learned that from, don't ask me! i don't take it like sweet tea, just . . . like half-sweet tea. ;)) . . . .and apologized with giggles.
So, obviously you can see that my honey bear makes me happy.
It's the simple, small things in life, y'know?
Hey, and that cup? It's filled with berry-nut smoothie. It's good. Don't judge a smoothie by its name. :) Raspberries, vanilla yogurt, and a handful of walnuts (that's the type of nuts we use for this one, anyways) . . . stick it all in the Vita-Mix blender, and a minute later, what do ya have? Mmmmm. Goodness. :) Of course, if you don't like nuts, like Lyd and Caleb, you won't like it. (they just don't like nuts in tihs smoothie, but who knows, you might like it...if you ever dare to try it.)
Anna came over to get the library card for a second before she went off on a library walk with Sam and Reese. Rachel was making him laugh. :)
There I'm set up, ready to sync Rachel's iPod...I don't normally do it on the kitchen counter, but hey. Whatever works.
And that there is the lovely book I'm working on reading for the second time in my life. It's good. Mhmm. And the author is really sweet, too. :)
And there you see my Berres Brothers French Caramel Cream coffee brewing . . . ready to settle in for another stint in editing, sorting, etc., all those wedding pictures. Then, off they go, burned on a CD to get printed. :) Then it'll be done. And I won't be on here as much . . . hah.
So. That's what's new today. That's what's going down.


Heather said...

Wow those are amazing pics Miss Bekah!! So cute and simple. Btw we have the same honey bear. ;)

beka said...

Thanks, dear. Love those honey bears....:)